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Sunday, November 1, 2015

half training 2015.3.5

Week 5 of an 8-week half marathon training plan. Because that's how long the cool kids train to PR.


Decided it was time to hike up Mt. Elden again - this time as fast as I possibly could. The first time I hiked up this guy was last year, and if I remember correctly, it took 2.5 hours to get to the top. Knowing that I am in way better shape than that time last year, curiosity got the best of me.

I don't have any pictures going up because the longest I stopped on the way up was 30 seconds.  Just a reminder - this is a 2.5 mile hike (5 miles round trip) that climbs 2300 feet in elevation from 6900ft to just over 9000ft.  Same distance as Angel's Landing in Zion, but 900 more feet in elevation. But, no chains and almost falling to your death.

The view from the top.

There weren't many yellow aspens left :(

The peaks with their snow. Yes, I still stand by the opinion that Humphrey's (the tallest) has an easier hike.

Overall, it took me 2.5hours..round trip. Not sure if I could make it any faster up unless I ran. Which sounds like a very painful experience.


Just a little bit sore. Upper body and core strength training with some treadmill walking/ TED Talks podcast listening.


I am starting to learn that the weather this time of the year is at its best in the middle of the day.  So..a lunch run sounded like a great idea. And it was: felt awesome during and after.

Not hating the pace..but it's only 3.3.


Another run that I overdressed for. But anyway, decided to run the 4 mile loop again, and then hit up another trail in the area for the next 2 miles, and then finished on the Forest Road for 7.5 total at 9:14 pace.

Apparently I thought this was so pretty that I had to risk my life to take a picture.

Same here. I'm just asking for a fall.


Strength. No pics. I'm sorry.


The sweets were out in full force at work.

At one point in the day, I split a cupcake with a coworker. Meaning I had the frosting and they had the rest of the cupcake.

I convinced my friend to sign up for a Haunted Trail Run where monsters and other frightening costumed characters jump out at you.  It was actually really well done! Some tried to chase you..or come right at you.. or just pop out from behind trees.. Oh, also my headlamp was pretty much dead, so I had to use my phone as a flashlight.  I do not recommend that..

Free treats from Dunkin' Donuts. I could not resist.

My friend Sean was an old man. He ran with that mask the entire time.

Enjoyed some red curry after - delicious!


Ollie slept here for 5 hours.

I was planning to do my long run this morning but I had a meeting at 10, and was going to cut it too close. So I lifted.

Anyway, my lunch consisted of scones and specialty coffee from that meeting which ultimately fueled a 3 mile afternoon run at 8:32 pace.  I really didn't need to run it but there was a lot of energy to expend...


Now, I got my long run in. After watching the NYC Marathon.  Which I totally think helped my form on this run. Because watching running for 2 hours does that to you..right?

So ended up running 11, as much on the road as possible.  The first 3 were on the Urban Trail which is essentially gravel, then the rest were done on a paved path, sidewalk, etc etc. I kept reminding myself to slow down so I could actually have negative splits but that didn't work out.. 

In addition to seeing ducks, I almost stepped on two snakes, and had two deer stare me down as I walked up the 10% grade hill. Like they knew I shouldn't be walking. Jerks.

Anyway, ended up at a 9:09 pace which is good for a long run, that is actually supposed to be slower than race pace.. 

Holla! I always go .1 over since Strava is weird and won't count it as a full 11 if my Garmin counts it as 11 on the dot.

Then, afterwards, I went to a Body Pump class since my friend was teaching.  This is essentially a barbell workout class and it was...intense. My body probably hates me. I know my hip is still reeling from Elden.

Time to search for protein and calories..