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Friday, November 20, 2015

half training 2015.3.8

Well,I only had to run 2 whole runs this week, but that ended up being more challenging than anticipated.

But not because of this.

Or these awesome roads.

On Monday morning, I woke up with what felt like a hangover. My whole body felt extremely weak. I didn't want to eat. At first I thought it was because I really increased my weights at Body Pump on Sunday (the only ever time I felt similarly to this was after my first ever leg day).  But when I got to work... the wrath hit. I don't know how I managed to work the whole day. I literally came home at lunch and just laid in bed.

While laying in bed, I researched other options for my European marathon..

After work, I took some meds (expired from my Colombia trip but heck, I was desperate) and just laid around reading the Martian. It's amazing how much free time one has when you can't eat or work out. But mostly when you can't eat. The Stomach problems.

Tuesday, I had to keep the meds working (my lunch consisted of 6 slices of bread, thank goodness for our catered lunch!), and then decided to wean off the medicine after lunch, with an awesome dinner of vegetable broth and crackers. DELISH.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, I branched out to some real food with a very small portion of bean (yes, dangerous) salad, greens with mandarin oranges, and bread at lunch. People were wondering why I didn't take any of the quinoa soup and I glared at them. In my mind of course. Glaring wouldn't be very HR like.  

I was feeling pretty good through Wednesday evening and decided to run my scheduled 3 on the treadmill/9:09 pace. That was the breakthrough moment right there!  

Even though I will actually be resting next week, I had to sign up for this.

Finished off this round of training with a 5 miler at 8:33 pace today and felt awesome (the fact that it was 65 and sunny out also helped). 
I ran as hard as I could up that last hill.

Also, went to this "Diva's Night" downtown on Thursday and won this Ibex sweater. Which costs more than any piece of clothing I own. Raffles are my thing.


Time to RACE!