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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

3 in 3: zion

Time for my 2nd trip to Zion this year! 

This time: it's Fall.
I'm obsessed with this place.

Fall + Virgin River.

We actually got to Zion later in the afternoon on Friday and decided to hike a quick trail - this one was called Watchmen's Trail.

The view in the middle of the hike..and really the whole time.

This is a great quick trail that will give you great views of the park. And it starts right at the Visitor Center!

Dinner was at Whiptail Grill. The spaghetti squash enchiladas were so, so good. 

The next morning, we headed on over to Angel's Landing to beat the crowds. Which, we started the hike around 7:45a.. and definitely didn't have any crowd issues, making it a way different hike compared to my first time.

When you are feeling like a rock star after owning the switchbacks, and then the chains begin.

Since there was literally no one else up there except for a two-three groups/couples, going up was really enjoyable.  I didn't have to sit and wait for anyone to pass/stare down the 1000 foot drop offs.

The view from the top..at least one of the views!

And then on the way down, it definitely got busier, but everyone was very curious to see if we made it and if it was worth it.  Of course, the answers are both yes.  Also, on the way down in the switchbacks, some man asked if I made it to the top (yes), he told me I was his inspiration. No biggie.

The view at the start of the trailhead after our finish...

I think my next Zion hike will be Hidden Canyon.. it also involves chains and is rated as strenuous.


We checked out the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.

Climbed to the top of this one.. not so easy..

It was rather windy. Wind + Sand = Awesomeness. Right?!

Then back to Flagstaff, for one more day of National Park action..