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Sunday, November 8, 2015

half training 2015.3.6

We shall call this week, "the week of the Treadmill". 

Only three runs to share... had to basically skip one due to work hours/a friend visiting this weekend.


4.56 miles/9:07 pace.

First mile at 9:15 pace, next 2.56 at 8:59, last mile at 9:18 pace.  This was a pretty bad run.  Felt similar to the one run I tried in Columbus but this one had a different cause. Had major cramps and I'm pretty sure it was due to snacking so close before starting my run (not bad snacks..but just too much). I really wanted to do 7.5 on my training plan, but that didn't work out due to these stomach issues.

Also, this was done on the treadmill because of this:


3.6 mile/8:53 pace.

This was my redemption run for the previous day. I only had 32 minutes to run so I tried to power through this. I basically was afraid to eat any snacks at work due to the previous day, so of course I felt better during this one.


11 miles. On the treadmill. 9:25 pace.

This.. is not ideal. But we had plans to go to the Grand Canyon early and I just hate the cold and dark more than I hate the treadmill..maybe. Anyway the Today Show and HGTV got me through this. Last long run for this round of training, time to taper.

So yes, the treadmill does stop at 60 minutes. Not a convenient feature..

As far Friday and Saturday - hiking was happening in the Utah area. A specific post to come with those details!

From the top of Angel's Landing!