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Monday, November 9, 2015

3 in 3: bryce canyon

When hiking is involved, I am pretty ambitious. So - three National Parks in three days seemed like a good idea.

First stop: Bryce Canyon.

On the way up, there was a Hot Air Balloon Regatta going on in Page. I don't know what it is about Hot Air Balloons..but they just have to make you smile. 

There was literally a Hot Air Balloon crossing right over cars on this road just after this was taken.

Oh, and checked out Horseshoe Bend. Lighting wasn't ideal but still a really cool sight.

Bryce's drive was pretty average - nothing too spectacular. 

As far as the park, it was really cool to see the "hoodoos" in all their winter magic.

It was 35 degrees, by the way.

 We decided upon the Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop as our hike - apparently known as the "best 3 mile hike in the world".  I wouldn't go that far but it was pretty cool.

There were some "tunnels"..

View of the Hoodoos from below.

Oh, hey. Just hanging out on a rock like normal.

Near the end/beginning of Navajo Loop, you have some switchbacks. Glad to say we had to go up these rather than down with the ice/snow.

The switchbacks started right after this point.  This area is called "Wall Street".  Pretty fun to hear rocks falling around you..

Our starting and ending point was Sunrise Point. I have a strange feeling that a sunrise would look pretty good right here.

A view from Sunrise Point.

From here we headed over to Zion..more to come.