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Sunday, November 29, 2015

what is a rest week?

Here are some highlights from my rest week.

I ate this entire bag Sunday morning. Did not feel so awesome after.

Time to change up the inspirational quote on my phone's background. For the record, I'm pretty sure this quote isn't accurate. But hey, I'll take it.

Hanging out with a 200+ pound dog at work.

Healthy pre-Thanksgiving lunch on Wednesday.

Not working out was driving me a little nuts. Walking on the treadmill made days a bit more bearable.

Checking to see if race-day photos were uploaded yet was also a daily/hourly occurrence. I did not see this photographer at the finish evidently.

But, I saw this one! Or maybe I just smile all the time when I run.

Saw The Hunger Games on Thanksgiving. I thought it was pretty good! Also, this reminded me of the days when I had Icees several times a week until I got to college..

Not pampered or anything.

Regardless of what you have seen above, I was mostly healthy this week.


Now, it's time to kick off training for my first ever marathon. Back to running (which I have realized keeps me sane), and eating healthy (bye Cookies).