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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3 in 3: grand canyon

Finally, our last day was spent at the Grand Canyon. 

This was my fifth visit since moving here almost two years ago.  On my last visit, my friend visiting at the time and I hiked 6 miles in (and then 6 back up) to Plateau Point on the Bright Angel Trail.

Yes, I took this picture. A little bit of editing. Just a little.

This time, it was my first venture on the South Kaibab Trail.

Which is a trail that basically heads down this ridge.

There are three turn around points, and we turned around a mile and a half in since I just finished running 11 torturous miles on the treadmill two hours before.

The view from Cedar Ridge; the second turn around point.

Looking left..

Some lady made a comment about me being in shorts, but the farther you go in, the warmer it gets. I'm not new at this..

Pretty much your view the entire time on the South Kaibab.

Selfie. Of course.

Cactus action.

It is not fair for me to compare this trail to Bright Angel really, but I will say that you don't have to hike as far to get view the grand views of the canyon like you have to do with Bright Angel. If you want more views, less time, South Kaibab is where it's at.  If you want to work for the views, Bright Angel is the better option.

And that concludes the 3 in 3 National Park Adventure!

Ollie knew how I felt by Sunday night.

This cat just gets me.