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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

fay canyon

Since it seems like every thing you see online is regarding such positive world events and I can't really stomach to read anything about any of them, I decided to busy up my afternoon Saturday with a hike down in Sedona.

The drive was absolutely gorgeous per usual. 

The fall color of Yellow here is pretty fantastic.

I decided to go on a new hike (honestly, I don't go on repeat hikes in Sedona..there are too many trails  to try out).

I googled "Most Beautiful Hikes in Sedona" and this was one of the top options. I've never actually seen a bear warning posted on any hikes out here..

It was probably just over a mile to reach the end of the maintained trail. It was of course, a very pretty hike.  Probably one of the more exciting moments was when I heard some rustling and looked over to where I heard it, and saw a four legged spotted animal through the trees. There were no humans near by.. so I froze (just like I did in Tahoe when I was biking and a bear crossed my path). Started slowly walking back the way I came to see if I could tell what it was.. I could see that it was looking at me.. and then it disappeared after 15-20 seconds. (I have done my research and discovered it was a bobcat) Then I continued..

The end of the maintained trail was before this point..but you need to continue on to see this view. 

The view looking up..you could hear and see rocks falling..

From as far up as you can go..

And then time to head back.

Overall, this is a pretty quick and gorgeous hike. There are other hikes close by off the roads to get to the trailhead and could probably be combined with this one for a fun multi-hike day adventure. I'd suggest going to Devil's Bridge which is quick 5 minute drive away, and then coming over here to Fay Canyon.

Devil's Bridge from April of this year.