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Sunday, August 6, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 9, ups and downs

Come with me on this adventure of Week 9...


Upper Body Strength

Having run the 18 miles the day prior, this was a rather easy day.


5.83mi / 8:50ish pace

I woke on Tuesday morning to happy news - Adeline Luna, my new niece, had arrived in the world!! Definitely not a blonde like her big brothers! Can't wait to meet her in a few weeks!!

My run was..not great. So, I ran out of my typical amino acid caffeine drink so on Tuesday and Wednesday I had to make coffee in the morning since the coffee at work is terrible. I use a french press and all, no big deal. Or so I thought. I had stomach issues all throughout this day and basically until Thursday. 

My paces, looking back for this run, actually weren't the worst considering the circumstances but I stopped many times.  I really shouldn't have gotten food from a new restaurant after that, but I did. It was very good though. Ate it all..

Then rushed to the grocery store to get Kombucha.


Spinning + Upper Body

Remember I made coffee this morning.. then of course I loaded the veggies on my salad for lunch, so all that fiber really helped out. I just could feel my insides bouncing around during spinning and it was not good. Had soup for dinner (Mrs. Grass, holla!)


6 mi / 9:06 pace
Lower Body Strength

I *really* thought my stomach was going to be settled down for an after work tempo run, but it definitely wasn't. Let's just say this is the worst I've ever felt during a run and almost couldn't even make it to the bathroom. TMI. Probably trying new hummus didn't help either. 

Looking back at my training journal for Week 9 of Milan Marathon training, I actually had the same issues during my tempo run that week. I actually didn't even run the last 3 miles of that run. So, I was happy to see that hey, I had the same setback during the same time of training then and I clearly got through it just fine.



I know what you're thinking. You had stomach issues all week and then you have ice cream even though you know that sometimes your body hates lactose. But guys, it just sounded so good. And I basically have dessert once or twice a week if I'm lucky..

Went out to explore the town for a little bit that evening...

The Public Library has a cute outdoor reading garden!


20 mi / 8:53 pace

And....then I nailed my long run. Lol. My goal pace was 8:53 and I hit the nail on the head. I also ran the last 10 faster than the first 10. And guys I only stopped the watch for 7 seconds. I think my favorite part about this was that I survived when I had knowingly prepared by eating ice cream the day prior. This could be the start of something good.

I then rushed home to make protein pancakes, shower, and then go to photography class. I ultimately brought the pancakes to the class ..

Then, I went back to the Public Library since they had a really cool exhibit about Superman. The two guys who created Superman are from Cleveland and you can see Cleveland inspiration throughout the series.. 

Then my weekly alcoholic drink of choice. This was so good! I thought I would hate it because of the blood orange taste but it worked.


Upper Body Strength + Hips + Core

Spent the first hour of consciousness outside my bed getting a workout out in the confines of my apartment. Made an awesome smoothie after with Fair Life Milk, Mint Chocolate Protein Powder, Banana, Frozen Raspberries and Flax seeds.

Then meal prepped for the rest of the week, thanks again for this recipe Jenny! Capped off the night with yoga and FaceTime with the fam :)

Overall, kind of a crazy week. Hoping this next week is a bit more consistent !

Monday, July 31, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 8, halfway there!

Oh man, 8 weeks away from Berlin! Summer training sure is different than the winter!



I worked from home Monday so I had the pleasure of going to Hot Yoga at 630a and then grabbing Acai Bowl from the local healthy place across the street. That is a lot of chia seeds my friends. 

Ok, so Heinen's (the grocery store downtown) sometimes has deals where they package a bunch of ripe bananas together for a dollar or two at the most. So I bought two of these...

Then we went to the Indians game that night! Emma had a delicious box of popcorn that she shared with the fam. I am still thinking about it...


7.8 mi / 8:46 pace
Upper Body Strength

Alright so I finally figured the intervals feature on my Garmin and I wish I bothered to figure it out sooner!!! So this was 12 quarter mile repeats with a quarter mile of rest between each (it was supposed to be 90 seconds rest in between but I kind of screwed up when setting up the run on the watch).  It was awesome! Now I finally understand why people say x:xx for a certain interval pace. I've got some work to do..

Then I finally made my last Sunbasket meal: toasted millet salad with broccolini, bean sprouts, and other veggies. It was very good, just not very filling..but my standards are pretty high at this point.



At work, we had a Cleveland Culture Fest with a bunch of local attractions that had booths (Rock Hall, Cedar Point, Cleveland Orchestra, etc) . I enjoyed the pierogis as my appetizer to my lunch.

Then I had tickets to the Indians Game through work and the seats were great!

Sister selfie post Ohio City Burrito bowl?!


6 mi / 8:35 pace
Lower Body Strength


Tempos make me laugh because they are just very hard. I think I would kick butt at them more in the morning but I'm running out of excuses. Granted it was like 84 degrees out when I ran this but..more work to be done. Really not a terrible run though to be honest. 

Very nice sunset!



Headed to the Cleveland Night Market after my yoga class where the "Deep Stretch" part never happened X_X. 

Basically my goal was just to eat some noodles. So that happened along with some mango papaya bubble tea served in a lightbulb. Alcohol included in that but didn't really taste it (which is a good thing, in my opinion).

It was a very crowded but nice evening!


Spinning (inc. Upper Body Strength)

Jenny and I hit up our favorite spinning place for a Linkin Park/Imagine Dragons class and it was awesome! Knowing I had to run 18 the next day, I tried to have more fun with this..but I still sweat a ton. Jenny finished in like a very respectable 5th place and I owned that lucky 13th place :P

Then I fell asleep at 7:20p for the night...


14 mi / 8:40 pace
4 mi (race) / 7:42 pace (officially per race)
Lower Body Strength (inc. Hips)
Deep Stretch Yoga

Nothing like the first mile of your long run being in the dark! But the sunrise was nice, and it was actually a bit more humid than I expected, so kinda glad I got this done so early! Regardless, this was supposed to be an 18 miler but we signed up for a 4 mile race downtown later in the morning..

At Progressive Field! You pretty much run 3 miles downtown and then the last mile was up and around and down the stadium, and around the field.

The sweatiest of selfies post-race.

Jenny, Bryan and Emma rocking it!

Emma impressively ran the last mile, lol.

So this was Bryan's first race since breaking his foot, paired with Emma's enduring 1 mile finish, and then hey, I finished 2nd in my age group! 

And then we brunched. So. Good.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 7, most miles yet!

This past week I ran the most miles I've run ever - I don't expect to go higher than this again since one run was kind of on a whim..


Upper Body Strength

I do appreciate rowing as cross training, it is so nice to give the legs a rest. Also I like tuna steaks.


5.7 mi / 8:46 pace
Lower Body Strength

My go to breakfasts as of late are vanilla greek yogurt + muesli + fruit + peanut/almond butter. So easy to get together - overnight oats were just not enough...

We had free 12 minute chair massages at work - it felt amazing!

Probably my favorite Sun Basket dish - so easy to make and I could replicate it on my own. Bowtie pasta with black beans, tomatoes, corn (should be in there but my ear went bad), queso fresco, and a vinegarette sauce.

Also the run went fairly well - had to get it in before work which I've been struggling with getting up early (happened last summer too), so usually I run after work, but it was nice to have a not so busy night.


3.5 mi / 9:00ish pace
Hips + Core

Went on a group run across the bridges downtown. Didn't have time to get my watch going so guessing on the pace. Checked out a popular healthy restaurant in town after hearing all the praise and it did not let me down! I got a Poke Bowl.

(No quinoa!!)


8 mi / 8:26 pace

We had Chef interviews at work so that means I got a free lunch...

So good. Though I should not have eaten such different food so close to my run! Got the miles in on the treadmill since it was very hot and humid outside and it was not easy. The treadmill at my apartment isn't really placed well enough to watch the TV so that's rough. 



A much needed rest and carb up day. Japanese trail mix from one of the chefs above..not my best picture..


Upper Body Strength

My intention was to get my long run in on Saturday (hence why I ate all the carbs Friday) but the weather forecasted rain/thunderstorms starting at 7:45a and I was glad I decided to postpone it one day. Got some tempo/interval work in on the elliptical.

I also took a photography class! It was class 1 of 2. We learned about the basics: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. There were a lot of little things I learned about my camera and now I'm trying to take my camera everywhere now in order to try to learn all of the nuances!


20 mi / 9:14 pace
Lower Body Strength (inc. Hips)
Deep Stretch Yoga

Not a bad run. 90% relative humidity with a goal pace of 9:08, so ending up with 9:14 was great. I did not feel exhausted at the end. I tried to keep it really easy for the first half so I wouldn't burn out (not like me - long runs for Milan were very fast the first half, and then a death march for the second half). 

Afterwards, after some strength workouts and a lot of protein pancakes, I headed to the Indians game and enjoyed my lone craft beer (so expensive and all I can handle nowadays is 1 anyway..) and a pretzel. It was a perfect day for a game and a win!

This week - less miles and more stretching on the radar :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

throwback thursday: chester

A long, long time ago.. Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands. To the point where I was in their Fan Club (LP Underground!) for a couple years, met the band before one of their shows, and where I was front row at multiple shows eagerly documenting as much as I could on photo and video. 


And of course I was always so eager to see their new music videos, hear their latest music, and felt like I got to know the band through videos and mini-series they would post online. Heck, I have been following each member on social media since then even though I've moved on to different music. 

I was pretty sad to see that today, Chester Bennington, the lead singer, committed suicide. When Chris Cornell passed away under the same circumstances recently, Chester's Twitter was the first one I went to, because I still do follow the band members and what they are up to, and knew he and Chris were still close. As you may or may not know, Chester posted an extremely emotional letter regarding Chris..and it made me wonder how he was going to cope. 

Then on today, Chris Cornell's birthday, Chester took his life. I couldn't really listen to any music in the car on the way home and turned on a running podcast. Then on my run I listened to all Linkin Park on Spotify and reminisced on how many awesome experiences the band provided to me and millions of others over the years.

My first concert was Linkin Park and Story of the Year with my Mom in 2004. We were almost behind the stage but it was awesome. I couldn't wait to see them again.

In August 2004, they came back to Cleveland, and I was able to meet them. I was so nervous! I didn't say much to them and they signed a booklet that I brought. I took pictures with my disposable camera because hey, that was the technology...(Yes, I still have the pictures but their location is a mystery)

In 2007, they came back into town for their Projekt Revolution Tour and it was incredible. I have seen many bands since my Linkin Park days but no one has quite opened a show like Linkin Park did at Blossom that summer. Luckily I was obsessed to the point then that I took many pictures and video, and managed to get the intro on video: 

Other songs:

In February 2008, Jenny and I went down to Columbus to see Linkin Park and it was incredible! Bleed It Out is still one of my favorite songs.

Let's be honest, my favorite moment, which is documented on this video, (which is incredibly embarrassing because I still can't tell after all this time if I'm one of the people screaming), is when Chester came down to us during Crawling and literally came straight to us and grabbed my hand while he was singing/screaming (fangirl swoon still). 

Then later on in 2008, my best friend Megan and I were front row for Linkin Park and Chris Cornell at their Projekt Revolution tour that summer and it was incredible yet again. Seriously, I haven't found a band that has matched intros like this..maybe Muse has come close. Hands Held High is still such a great song, loved this mash-up with Chris.

Once again, this band was you know, my teenage favorite and reflecting today has made me realize what an awesome band they were from performing, to their personalities and how they conducted themselves with fans. 

Thank you for the great music, Chester - RIP