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Saturday, September 23, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 16 - FINAL WEEK!

Last week of training is here! It's been a fun one!

I think this one makes sense to detail in chronological order though...

First run of the week was speedwork and it was a toughie thanks to the late night from the MuteMath concert! Plus it was warm. 

Second run of the week was the last run, kind of!

It was a pretty humid morning but got these 5 miles in. First mile and last mile were cool down, 3 miles in the middle were at Marathon Pace..which apparently was sub-8s this morning.

Later that afternoon, I jetted off to Germany!

I got through most of the Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. I am a Questioner (though I don't think I've always been one), and this factoid made me laugh out loud on the plane.

So we were served a light breakfast as we got closer to Brussels. But it was light..so I bought breakfast at the Brussels airport. Then apparently I was sitting in some kind of business class on my flight from Brussels to Berlin so I received a third breakfast. I did not deny the calories.

I will be posting a recap of Berlin in separate posts so I will just focus on race-specific items!

I went over to the Brandenburg Gate - the finish of the Marathon and oh my gosh, it got me so excited I almost started crying, lol. #tapercrazies

It was a gorgeous night!

I was very tired and did not feel like waiting for food in a restaurant so I made my own dinner. Kind of. This started a trend...

The next afternoon, I went over to The Expo of All Expos -the Berlin Vital.

First off, you got a wristband that you have to wear through race-day. Then you check in. I met a guy from Geneva whose favorite marathon so far was Venice and he ran it in the same finish time that I ran Milan :O 

Well, this had to happen of course.

There was a lot of stuff. The race shirt actually cost extra, apparently I bought that when I registered for the race intitally. Oh my goodness the merchandise area at the expo was a wreck too. I'm good with one shirt, and a medal, thanks!

There's a stand right before the finish line that has every single runner's name on it. So cool.

Met up with the Oiselle ladies for a shake out run (2 mi, like 10:30 pace with several stops cause like everything was closed off). 

And here we are. Weather looks very, very similar to Milan but with more of a chance for showers near the end of the race. Who knows, maybe I will want a little shower by then! Here's hoping for the best!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 15, celebrating the streak with carbs!


Last double digit run - crushed it!

Rocking the Tribe gear - what a streak!


Ok, let's take a break from the runs and focus on the Indians for a second. Best Tribe Clips of the Week if you want to get emotional or pumped both or both at the same time:

Nice morning runs

Both great mornings to run!

Spinning Classes

I finished out my 10 class package with my 2 last classes this week. That's not to say I won't be back - I definitely will, it'll just be a few weeks! The one day I actually ran in the morning then took my class in the afternoon. Needless to say that was the night I got over 8.5 hours of sleep!


We went to Johnny Mango's and enjoyed some "Super Sized" miso soup...

and Pad Thai! 

Made some silly pancakes after my 10 miler.

Then Naan Pizza to help get more carbs into my diet during this week at home before I leave!


Food issues

Definitely had something wrong on Friday... I am thinking it as the organic blackberries.. or coluld have been the Pad Thai.  It didn't affect my runs, just stomach didn't feel good when I woke up in the mornings this weekend. (There's really a TMI thing here..)


MuteMath Concert

On Sunday, I decided to go to my third MuteMath concert. It was a good show! But apparently only one original band member remains - the lead singer. 




My work computer picks a random landscape for my lock screen everyday... I was very excited to see this one last week!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

river run half marathon

You know it was a good race when I'm smiling at the end!

I had been eyeing this half marathon for a few months, knowing that my long run this weekend had to be something like 15 miles at goal marathon pace...but I decided to wait until closer to race day based on the weather situation. Turns out weather was looking perfect so I signed up!

The race course was a point to point course that was basically a gradual downhill (not like my Vegas race though where we lost a 1000 feet in the first two miles) through our metro parks system! It was mostly shaded and the weather really was perfect.

The race started at 8a and luckily parking was plentiful an hour before so one could stay warm in their car while waiting for the race to start.

It was a typical Cleveland race where it was a good amount of people but not too many where you had a surge of people to break through in the beginning.

Technically my goal time was the usual 1:49/1:50 since that is my goal marathon pace. But I tend to have these weird inklings about how races are going to go before they even start..and I knew this was going to be a fast one for me.  But not PR fast - I know better to not go all out for a half PR three weeks out from a marathon (if we were farther out though...) Factors in this "I'm gonna have a great race" thought process - my runs have been largely going very well, I feel very strong, not injured, the weather forecast, and the race course; only negative variable going against me was a decent head cold/upper respiratory congestion. I coughed every mile lol. 

For the first half I tried very very hard to hold back to an 8:00 pace (yes, that is faster than 1:49/1:50 half, my legs would not listen, and it felt rather effortless vs. intentional..)...which worked for the most part. The first half I ran in like...52:40.. I use like three running tracking websites for my Garmin data but none of them tell me what my first half official time was..but that's what it looks like. 

(Also best perk of this race, besides an awesome shirt, free HIGH QUALITY race pictures!!)

Then the second half, I was like hey, why not, let's speed it up and see what happens. I knew I was tracking for a sub 1:45 which I haven't run since like... Feb 2016. (Doing math during races makes it go by faster for those of us that stink at math) 

So I kicked it up a notch and ended up finishing with an official race course time of 1:44:52, but Garmin time of 1:43:30. Negative splits according to the Garmin and pretty even first half vs. second half split based on the course time. The difference between the two is because I overran the course...ended up with 13.27 miles. So of course I will use the official race time (if I didn't then I technically ran a 3:46 marathon too, but not counting that) and overall I felt awesome! Did not feel terribly sore the rest of the day or the days after. 

I also took a major risk of using this race as my first run in my new running shoes. Needless to say, they are wonderful :)

I think next year I will use this course as my half marathon PR course. I think I run my best half/halves when training for a marathon though!

Oh, and that pronation is still going strong as well as that game face, lol. Hey, whatever it takes to get 1:43/1:44 half marathons... 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 14, let the taper begin!

This was the last week of all out training and you know that had to include a surprise race.

When your race-day pictures make you feel like a no-muscle marshmallow though you are pretty darn sure you are in very good shape...


All of my runs! Seriously, every run went very well. 

Tempo was pretty good...

Speed was great even after work...

And the half marathon, not even at 100% effort, was awesome! Recap to come in a separate post.

Day in Columbus

Then I went down to Columbus on Saturday to meet up with the college roomie!
One of many selfies that occurred.

New Orleans Iced Coffee and some kind of raspberry pastry bar from Fox and the Snow. So good.

We checked out College GameDay on the Oval...

There was a surplus of creative signs.

Decided to rehire myself back at the library.

We went kayaking in the afternoon, no pictures though because we didn't want to get our phones wet...then went to the Short North and met up with one of our suite mates from Freshman year, then randomly ran into another friend right after that! This smoothie was incredible... 

Then went to Basi for dinner. Ricotta filled gnocchi..


So I killed it sleep-wise last week as well. My goal is 7.5 hours and I *almost* hit that goal every night!

River Run Half Marathon recap to come...

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 13

When Summer turns into Fall...

[Training-Related] Highlights

Tempo Run

My best run of the week was definitely my 10 mile tempo run.

When you realize you have to run 10 miles the next morning + you just know you haven't eaten enough carbs + you have a 2-3 hour hair appointment the rest of the evening. Spicy szheucan noodles with kale, and sweet potato soup hit the spot.

I ran this before work since that's when my stomach likes to run and it was great. Only 1 mile where I didn't hit the target pace just because I needed that gel!

Believe in CLE Yoga Event

On a Friday night, all the yoga studios in the area collaborated for their 5th Annual Believe in CLE event - basically free yoga next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was awesome! Plus a free air show and admission to the Rock Hall to boot.


Getting Sick

Yeah, so my work neighbor and I came down with the same upper respiratory ailments at the same time. So I battled through it through the long weekend, and am hoping to conquer the remnants of it here soon. Needless to say, the last 20 miler was not at my goal pace since I was blowing my nose every mile and coughing every 5 minutes. My one ear actually got a little plugged up too.. needless to say it was a hot mess but the 20 miles were put in.

Random other weekly happenings

New Puppy

Jenny, Bryan and Emma got a new puppy!!!

Bella is adjusting.

Throwback Thursday: Britney!

I've been going to Spinning once a week through pretty much all of this training cycle and it's been really fun - this Britney Spears class was the best class in awhile though! I performed really well by my standards and loved watching Britney's old videos! (You Drive Me Crazy, anyone?!)

Air Show

Saw the Air Show twice because I'm a nerd.


Oh, and got my hair done! The cute hair style lasted approximately 10 hours as I had to get that tempo run in the next morning. 

Overall, it was a nice week and long weekend with the family, despite sickness! Here's to one last week of "full" training and Vitamin C!