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Friday, November 27, 2015

sedona turkey trot

Kicked off Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot - which wasn't much of a trot!

I rocked my reward for the half marathon PR - new Brooks pants.

We made our way down to Sedona for the Turkey Trot, and got there at 8 to beat the masses at the packet pick up.

Little did I know that I would become a water bottle collector when I moved to Flagstaff.

We went back into the car to stay warm until the race started. Don't mind me and my drumsticks.

Basically, this race was kind of hilarious. First off, there was only one person running with their Thanksgiving turkey. They cleverly put it in a backpack and they finished around 36 minutes. Second, apparently the aid stations got stolen over night so the crew had to improvise with using mailboxes. Third, the entire first half (entire being 1.5) of the race was downhill. Garmin said it was 173 feet down, which doesn't seem a lot..but still.

So my goal of the race was to first finish under 30 mins (my previous 5k PR is 31), which I knew I would easily do at this point in time, but then my reach goal was to finish 24 mins. Well..

For the record, my Garmin only registered this as 2.9 miles but.. I'll take it. I can't remember the last race I've run where the course was completely accurate as far as mileage. Drawbacks of running in small races/in the middle of nowhere..

The post-run snack?

Pie, of course!

Give me all that whipped cream please.

We all beat our goal times too!

Overall, this was a great, yet chilly way to kick off Thanksgiving Day!