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Monday, November 16, 2015

half training 2015.3.7

Of course, the weather starts to clear up when tapering is on schedule..

Though, it was 15 degrees when I took this picture.

Monday was a lovely rest day kicked off by this magical hot chocolate and espresso combo AKA Macy's Special.


5a run on the treadmill - 3 mi/8:58 pace.

When I got home from my work dinner Tuesday night, it was 50 degrees in my apartment. Needless to say, cuddling had to occur whether I liked it or not. This cat is the boss.


Had a race pace 5 miler on tap - and I knew I needed to do this outside. 

Mid-run selfie before a lovely downhill. 

I narrowly avoided black ice...

And also, I decided to not wear gloves. I thought 50 degrees at 4:45p would be OK without them... Wrong.

Some awesome knuckle bleeding and cuts at work the next morning.

Anyway, 5 mi at 8:48 pace. This was just one of those runs where you feel awesome after and I haven't had any of those in a while (thanks to you, treadmill).


Consisted of hanging out. A little treadmill walking to get to 12k.

I got my training journal for the marathon and post marathon running!

This is the normal scene in the apartment every night.


Wasn't really planning to run since I have time to get my runs in this weekend. But with all the insanity going on Paris, and knowing someone who is there..that just freaked me out quite a bit. So I decided to get the 3 miler in (8:48 pace).

On the treadmill, darn it. 

Latest run yet, after 830p, was crafting some GOTR bracelets for my team after I got home from the 5k Expo. Where I got the above cute cup. Yet, I somehow lost the straw on the walk back to the apartment. 

This run made me appreciate how much exercise can really change my mood for the better. Moping around and reading all the news on social media is emotionally exhausting especially during times like these. I think my next step would really cut my social media usage (looking at you Facebook and Snapchat), but I just can't initiate that process for whatever reason.  There's gotta be an app for that..


GOTR 5k (see previous post) and Sedona hike (see next post).


5 mi/8:41 pace. 

It is way more difficult to run on the weekends if I don't do it first thing. 

I had this giant breakfast about 5 hours before I ran (this was the only motivation for me to get out of bed).. and could definitely feel it at the end of the run..

And then Body Pump in the afternoon. My upper body was/is totally feeling it.
I got that 16 pounder for triceps thinking I would be all BA. Wrong.

Now... 2 runs this week before heading down to Gilbert on Friday!