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Sunday, November 15, 2015

girls on the run 5k!

Yesterday was the end of our season for Girls on the Run - the 11 weeks flew by extremely fast!

We had a gorgeous day for the run.  It was probably around 40 degrees when it started, but no wind! You could tell the girls were nervous (plus our team was leading the stretches) but they all did an amazing job - even a few surprised me with how quickly they finished!

Ever since watching the Bootylicious video for the first time, I've always wanted a pink ombre. The Happy Hair station made my childhood dream come true.

The run was at Buffalo Park - easily the most popular running/walking route in town..the views may be a factor why.

So my girl started the race in a dead sprint - which was totally expected but still super hilarious at the same time. It was so cool when we rounded the first loop and you looked over and saw the huge stream of pink and yellow that was after us. It was pretty awesome and I regret not getting a picture of that.

My girl also had an awesome group that ran with her.

We had a community Running Buddy, and then a few of my co-workers which was super fun and cool for my girl!

This picture and the above one, as well as more awesome pictures of the race can be found at http://proofs.seanopenshaw.com/gotr. (Yes, I've already looked through all 500 - they are amazing!)

Each one of us coaches received this bag and a tumbler as a gift from our council.  So obsessed with this bag.

One of the sweetest moments of yesterday was when one of our girls gave us a Thank You card.  Too sweet!

Afterwards, we celebrated a successful season with some wine!

Girls on the Run really is an awesome program and I hope to stay involved with it wherever I am next season!