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Sunday, June 28, 2015

the heat is on!

This week was pretty low-key with the last week of heat here in Flag.  

 Mom, why is it so hot? Hey, can we still cuddle though?

I went on a 5 mile hike after work alongside the eastern side of Mt. Elden.  Saw a few elk.  I've hiked this before and this was the first time I didn't see any other people on the trail.  Which is nice in one regard, but it is nice to see another person every once in a while!

The sun managed to peek out a few times, highlighting how green it is right now!

My runs leading up to the 10k on Saturday were pretty short (3-4.5 miles) - tried lifting before work and running after work but I think that may be a little too much. 

Got these wireless headphones from Amazon.  Still up in the air about them, they were a nuisance during the race.. 

The 10k on Saturday was hot! It is the only road race of the Summer Run Series and it is advertised as the flattest and fastest, and it held up to that statement.  The race started by going in and out of downtown Flagstaff and then throughout nearby neighborhoods, where some residents put sprinklers out in the street for us, or were just straight up spraying us with their hoses (shout out to the old lady in her night gown) - which was much welcome in either case! 

I live for the day where I have a good running picture.

I managed to maintain a 9:12 min/mi pace, which is a minute faster than what I usually run at, at this altitude. Thus, I finished under an hour at 57:05! I can't find the results of this race last year, when I ran the 5k, but I'm sure I was still above 30 minutes for that, so that's a huge improvement.

Our next race isn't until the first week of August so I'm hoping to really step up my long run in the meantime, and try out some new trails. 

P.S. View from the apartment tonight - monsoon season is here!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

long run sunday: summer solstice!

According to Timehop, I ran outside for the first time three years ago... and it appears that a year passed, and I was struggling to ran farther than two miles:

Today, I decided to step it up from last week's long run of 8 miles, and go for 11.  It was a success! 

And what defines success? Actually running all 11 (with the exception of stopping at intersections), and ...not dying. Which..it was a close one once I got to my car. At the halfway point, which was in the middle of this limestone walled canyon, I tried out an energy gel which boosted my energy for... a mile or two then the struggle started.  Regardless, I got 11.2 in, though it was harder than expected, I survived!

(Yes, I have been applying sunscreen before every run and I'm still getting racerback tan lines.)

Next up: two runs and strength training this week, then a road 10k on Saturday!