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Monday, July 31, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 8, halfway there!

Oh man, 8 weeks away from Berlin! Summer training sure is different than the winter!



I worked from home Monday so I had the pleasure of going to Hot Yoga at 630a and then grabbing Acai Bowl from the local healthy place across the street. That is a lot of chia seeds my friends. 

Ok, so Heinen's (the grocery store downtown) sometimes has deals where they package a bunch of ripe bananas together for a dollar or two at the most. So I bought two of these...

Then we went to the Indians game that night! Emma had a delicious box of popcorn that she shared with the fam. I am still thinking about it...


7.8 mi / 8:46 pace
Upper Body Strength

Alright so I finally figured the intervals feature on my Garmin and I wish I bothered to figure it out sooner!!! So this was 12 quarter mile repeats with a quarter mile of rest between each (it was supposed to be 90 seconds rest in between but I kind of screwed up when setting up the run on the watch).  It was awesome! Now I finally understand why people say x:xx for a certain interval pace. I've got some work to do..

Then I finally made my last Sunbasket meal: toasted millet salad with broccolini, bean sprouts, and other veggies. It was very good, just not very filling..but my standards are pretty high at this point.



At work, we had a Cleveland Culture Fest with a bunch of local attractions that had booths (Rock Hall, Cedar Point, Cleveland Orchestra, etc) . I enjoyed the pierogis as my appetizer to my lunch.

Then I had tickets to the Indians Game through work and the seats were great!

Sister selfie post Ohio City Burrito bowl?!


6 mi / 8:35 pace
Lower Body Strength


Tempos make me laugh because they are just very hard. I think I would kick butt at them more in the morning but I'm running out of excuses. Granted it was like 84 degrees out when I ran this but..more work to be done. Really not a terrible run though to be honest. 

Very nice sunset!



Headed to the Cleveland Night Market after my yoga class where the "Deep Stretch" part never happened X_X. 

Basically my goal was just to eat some noodles. So that happened along with some mango papaya bubble tea served in a lightbulb. Alcohol included in that but didn't really taste it (which is a good thing, in my opinion).

It was a very crowded but nice evening!


Spinning (inc. Upper Body Strength)

Jenny and I hit up our favorite spinning place for a Linkin Park/Imagine Dragons class and it was awesome! Knowing I had to run 18 the next day, I tried to have more fun with this..but I still sweat a ton. Jenny finished in like a very respectable 5th place and I owned that lucky 13th place :P

Then I fell asleep at 7:20p for the night...


14 mi / 8:40 pace
4 mi (race) / 7:42 pace (officially per race)
Lower Body Strength (inc. Hips)
Deep Stretch Yoga

Nothing like the first mile of your long run being in the dark! But the sunrise was nice, and it was actually a bit more humid than I expected, so kinda glad I got this done so early! Regardless, this was supposed to be an 18 miler but we signed up for a 4 mile race downtown later in the morning..

At Progressive Field! You pretty much run 3 miles downtown and then the last mile was up and around and down the stadium, and around the field.

The sweatiest of selfies post-race.

Jenny, Bryan and Emma rocking it!

Emma impressively ran the last mile, lol.

So this was Bryan's first race since breaking his foot, paired with Emma's enduring 1 mile finish, and then hey, I finished 2nd in my age group! 

And then we brunched. So. Good.