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Friday, July 7, 2017

mt. humphrey's summit - round two

I have summited Mt. Humphrey's before, however the views were very limited due to dense fog. Once we got to the saddle the first time, we couldn't see anything.. so naturally I wanted to try again. This is the highest point in Arizona.

A brisk 5:45am start.

The ski lift operates during the summer to take folks up to around 11k for views..

The first 4 miles are through the forest... the Aspens are only around for the first mile or two.

Then you start gaining...

The flower asked for its close up.

Then the saddle is right at mile 4 or so. This is quite the climb right before this point. I really started feeling it at 11,000 feet or so.

Of course, there are wildfires going on so that clouded up the view quite a bit. I couldn't see the Grand Canyon or really down into Flagstaff, but it was still so much more than what I saw last time.

From the saddle, you scavenge another mile across the mountains (there's like ...5-6 false peaks, I remember the first time was so deceiving as you climbed up each one) to Humphrey's. It is a long scavenge.

And then you make it and you feel great!

Whoa, on top of the mountains!

Didn't take any pictures on the way down...I was too busy falling twice and spraining my ankle.... regardless. 10 mile hike, 5.5 hours total with the injury..I'll be back again though with my normal hiking boots and hiking poles for sure!