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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 7, most miles yet!

This past week I ran the most miles I've run ever - I don't expect to go higher than this again since one run was kind of on a whim..


Upper Body Strength

I do appreciate rowing as cross training, it is so nice to give the legs a rest. Also I like tuna steaks.


5.7 mi / 8:46 pace
Lower Body Strength

My go to breakfasts as of late are vanilla greek yogurt + muesli + fruit + peanut/almond butter. So easy to get together - overnight oats were just not enough...

We had free 12 minute chair massages at work - it felt amazing!

Probably my favorite Sun Basket dish - so easy to make and I could replicate it on my own. Bowtie pasta with black beans, tomatoes, corn (should be in there but my ear went bad), queso fresco, and a vinegarette sauce.

Also the run went fairly well - had to get it in before work which I've been struggling with getting up early (happened last summer too), so usually I run after work, but it was nice to have a not so busy night.


3.5 mi / 9:00ish pace
Hips + Core

Went on a group run across the bridges downtown. Didn't have time to get my watch going so guessing on the pace. Checked out a popular healthy restaurant in town after hearing all the praise and it did not let me down! I got a Poke Bowl.

(No quinoa!!)


8 mi / 8:26 pace

We had Chef interviews at work so that means I got a free lunch...

So good. Though I should not have eaten such different food so close to my run! Got the miles in on the treadmill since it was very hot and humid outside and it was not easy. The treadmill at my apartment isn't really placed well enough to watch the TV so that's rough. 



A much needed rest and carb up day. Japanese trail mix from one of the chefs above..not my best picture..


Upper Body Strength

My intention was to get my long run in on Saturday (hence why I ate all the carbs Friday) but the weather forecasted rain/thunderstorms starting at 7:45a and I was glad I decided to postpone it one day. Got some tempo/interval work in on the elliptical.

I also took a photography class! It was class 1 of 2. We learned about the basics: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. There were a lot of little things I learned about my camera and now I'm trying to take my camera everywhere now in order to try to learn all of the nuances!


20 mi / 9:14 pace
Lower Body Strength (inc. Hips)
Deep Stretch Yoga

Not a bad run. 90% relative humidity with a goal pace of 9:08, so ending up with 9:14 was great. I did not feel exhausted at the end. I tried to keep it really easy for the first half so I wouldn't burn out (not like me - long runs for Milan were very fast the first half, and then a death march for the second half). 

Afterwards, after some strength workouts and a lot of protein pancakes, I headed to the Indians game and enjoyed my lone craft beer (so expensive and all I can handle nowadays is 1 anyway..) and a pretzel. It was a perfect day for a game and a win!

This week - less miles and more stretching on the radar :)