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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

berlin marathon training, week 4: the return to altitude

Rounding out the first month of training featuring a visit to good old, Flagstaff, Arizona!


Lower Body Strength

Not much to say - typical workout day. Took a walk at lunch!


6.2 mi / 8:33 pace
Upper Body Strength

Work is offering free yoga classes during the summer so I'm taking advantage of that.

Then I won tickets to the Indians game! My friend Slider, and then a pound of vegetarian burrito in hand...



Ok, so I think these spinning classes will help out a ton with my training -  I bought a package. Also they offer free bananas after so that may have been a factor in my decision. 


6 mi / 8:33 pace
Full Body Strength

Tried a tempo run outside in 90 degrees - so clearly that went well. I was actually surprised at the paces I was running considering the heat and the soreness from Spinning.



Finally the juice bar nearby fixed their Nitro Cold Brew machine!

Tuna Sandwich and Marinated Beets for lunch. It tasted great but pretty sure one of these did not agree with me...

Then took the late flight out to Arizona...


10 mi / 9:16 pace

 I was supposed to run 20 but due to you know, wanting to hang out with friends and my fear of running 20 at altitude after 4 hours of sleep...10 on my favorite section of the Urban Trail had to do. It felt really good actually.

Selfie on the ridiculous hill.

Then I went on a Crater hike - it was very close to where I was staying. Very hot by the way.

A selfie felt right with the tall trees.

Afterwards I discovered a new juice/smoothie places. This mint chocolate smoothie was incredible.

It turns out I had $25 in credit at Run Flagstaff so I grabbed a pair of new socks and this massage ball!


10 mi Trail / 9:44 pace
Body Pump

I was able to get the other half of my long run in (ok, I don't think this counts as 20 but whatever), on the trails and it was fantastic. This was one of the first trails I ran over 10 miles and it was in great shape.

Considering my activity levels up to this point and what I had planned for the next day, I grabbed a heavy dinner with my friend after the Body Pump class she taught and it was fabulous.

Next week.. my last day of adventures in Flag featuring a fantastic mishap on my part...