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Monday, July 10, 2017

berlin marathon training, week 5: until the ankle turns

First injury is a face palmer...beware lots of pictures of my feet..



So as you saw in my last post, I hiked up Mt. Humphrey's- the tallest mountain in Arizona during my last day in Flag.

My hands were pretty swollen at the top and the entire way down... but unfortunately with 2 miles left in the hike, I completely lost my footing and twisted my ankle. Just sat there for a minute or two on the side of the trail just in pain. Then slowly got up and walked down more gingerly...and my ankle gave out again not even 5 minutes later. I got up a little quicker and took my time the rest of the way down.

This was later on that day..you can see that right ankle looks a bit more round...

It didn't hurt badly until I went into my old work and sat down for 20 minutes talking to one of my old colleagues..then I got up from my chair and hobbled the rest of the day. I very seriously considered pushing my flight for the next morning until the 5th but decided to stick with it.



That right ankle and foot started to look more round...unfortunately it was my driving foot I hurt and had to drive first thing down to Phoenix for my flight and then hobble around two airports, and to fireworks that night on the ankle. The good thing was that there really wasn't any bruising, I could walk, and it wasn't *that* painful.

S'mores ice cream is the best kind of ibuprofen.

Firework antics.

Happy July 4th!


Upper Body

I went into work for a half day but my foot was pretty darn swollen still so I ordered groceries for curb-side pick-up and headed home to work from home the rest of the day so I could elevate and ice my disgusting foot in the privacy of home..and not freak out any coworkers.

Ollie loves when I work from home.

5 months was a little long to wait for a haircut. But this place was so cute! I will be going back for color in August :)

Then CHELSTAR was in town!!! So we grabbed brews (yeah, I know I was late..) and some small dishes to munch on while enjoying our Cuyahoga River sunset.

Then Chels came to visit and could not resist Ollie's cuteness. Like..literally no self control to the point where her one eye was stuck shut when she got home... I swear we folks with cat allergies love cats the most... 


Ankle Strengthening

I worked from home again to focus on resting my ankle... Ollie loved it obviously. For the record, working from home drives me crazy - I need human contact and talking on the phone is not the same. It is a nice perk, yes...

I got Sunbasket for the first time and made Shrimp Pad Thai and it was soooo good! So easy to make and it didn't take long at all.


Upper/Lower Body

We got Panera catered in for lunch and ok, the Watermelon Feta Salad is good...but it doesn't keep you full. Also I think the lack of working out caused all of my calorie deficiency from Arizona to catch up with me and I was RAVENOUS this day through the rest of the weekend...

Then went off to see Wonder Woman with Jenny while the rest of the gang saw Despicable Me 3! Wonder Woman was very good!! 


3.92 mi / 9:44 pace

My ankle and foot were hardly swollen at this point (gauged this by the fact that I could see the bones in my feet again...skinny feet problems) and decided to venture out for the local yoga studio's group run and yoga after - it was a great idea. Running with a group kept me from pushing it and of course, got to meet some cool people. Though I totally felt the blood sugar drop during the yoga class..word to the wise if you do something like this..eat in between!!

Next Sunbasket meal: Tofu Lettuce Wraps. So. Good.


12 mi  / 9:17 pace
Upper Body

Ok, judge me but I needed to get something long in. And I started late and it was hot but I was happy to get 12 in. Technically I was supposed to get 18 but I knew I shouldn't push it just easing back into things from the ankle sprain. 

Next up: Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Chicago next weekend! It looks relatively flat and I have a good feeling about this... Race recap will be posted!