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Sunday, August 6, 2017

berlin marathon training: week 9, ups and downs

Come with me on this adventure of Week 9...


Upper Body Strength

Having run the 18 miles the day prior, this was a rather easy day.


5.83mi / 8:50ish pace

I woke on Tuesday morning to happy news - Adeline Luna, my new niece, had arrived in the world!! Definitely not a blonde like her big brothers! Can't wait to meet her in a few weeks!!

My run was..not great. So, I ran out of my typical amino acid caffeine drink so on Tuesday and Wednesday I had to make coffee in the morning since the coffee at work is terrible. I use a french press and all, no big deal. Or so I thought. I had stomach issues all throughout this day and basically until Thursday. 

My paces, looking back for this run, actually weren't the worst considering the circumstances but I stopped many times.  I really shouldn't have gotten food from a new restaurant after that, but I did. It was very good though. Ate it all..

Then rushed to the grocery store to get Kombucha.


Spinning + Upper Body

Remember I made coffee this morning.. then of course I loaded the veggies on my salad for lunch, so all that fiber really helped out. I just could feel my insides bouncing around during spinning and it was not good. Had soup for dinner (Mrs. Grass, holla!)


6 mi / 9:06 pace
Lower Body Strength

I *really* thought my stomach was going to be settled down for an after work tempo run, but it definitely wasn't. Let's just say this is the worst I've ever felt during a run and almost couldn't even make it to the bathroom. TMI. Probably trying new hummus didn't help either. 

Looking back at my training journal for Week 9 of Milan Marathon training, I actually had the same issues during my tempo run that week. I actually didn't even run the last 3 miles of that run. So, I was happy to see that hey, I had the same setback during the same time of training then and I clearly got through it just fine.



I know what you're thinking. You had stomach issues all week and then you have ice cream even though you know that sometimes your body hates lactose. But guys, it just sounded so good. And I basically have dessert once or twice a week if I'm lucky..

Went out to explore the town for a little bit that evening...

The Public Library has a cute outdoor reading garden!


20 mi / 8:53 pace

And....then I nailed my long run. Lol. My goal pace was 8:53 and I hit the nail on the head. I also ran the last 10 faster than the first 10. And guys I only stopped the watch for 7 seconds. I think my favorite part about this was that I survived when I had knowingly prepared by eating ice cream the day prior. This could be the start of something good.

I then rushed home to make protein pancakes, shower, and then go to photography class. I ultimately brought the pancakes to the class ..

Then, I went back to the Public Library since they had a really cool exhibit about Superman. The two guys who created Superman are from Cleveland and you can see Cleveland inspiration throughout the series.. 

Then my weekly alcoholic drink of choice. This was so good! I thought I would hate it because of the blood orange taste but it worked.


Upper Body Strength + Hips + Core

Spent the first hour of consciousness outside my bed getting a workout out in the confines of my apartment. Made an awesome smoothie after with Fair Life Milk, Mint Chocolate Protein Powder, Banana, Frozen Raspberries and Flax seeds.

Then meal prepped for the rest of the week, thanks again for this recipe Jenny! Capped off the night with yoga and FaceTime with the fam :)

Overall, kind of a crazy week. Hoping this next week is a bit more consistent !