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Thursday, July 20, 2017

throwback thursday: chester

A long, long time ago.. Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands. To the point where I was in their Fan Club (LP Underground!) for a couple years, met the band before one of their shows, and where I was front row at multiple shows eagerly documenting as much as I could on photo and video. 


And of course I was always so eager to see their new music videos, hear their latest music, and felt like I got to know the band through videos and mini-series they would post online. Heck, I have been following each member on social media since then even though I've moved on to different music. 

I was pretty sad to see that today, Chester Bennington, the lead singer, committed suicide. When Chris Cornell passed away under the same circumstances recently, Chester's Twitter was the first one I went to, because I still do follow the band members and what they are up to, and knew he and Chris were still close. As you may or may not know, Chester posted an extremely emotional letter regarding Chris..and it made me wonder how he was going to cope. 

Then on today, Chris Cornell's birthday, Chester took his life. I couldn't really listen to any music in the car on the way home and turned on a running podcast. Then on my run I listened to all Linkin Park on Spotify and reminisced on how many awesome experiences the band provided to me and millions of others over the years.

My first concert was Linkin Park and Story of the Year with my Mom in 2004. We were almost behind the stage but it was awesome. I couldn't wait to see them again.

In August 2004, they came back to Cleveland, and I was able to meet them. I was so nervous! I didn't say much to them and they signed a booklet that I brought. I took pictures with my disposable camera because hey, that was the technology...(Yes, I still have the pictures but their location is a mystery)

In 2007, they came back into town for their Projekt Revolution Tour and it was incredible. I have seen many bands since my Linkin Park days but no one has quite opened a show like Linkin Park did at Blossom that summer. Luckily I was obsessed to the point then that I took many pictures and video, and managed to get the intro on video: 

Other songs:

In February 2008, Jenny and I went down to Columbus to see Linkin Park and it was incredible! Bleed It Out is still one of my favorite songs.

Let's be honest, my favorite moment, which is documented on this video, (which is incredibly embarrassing because I still can't tell after all this time if I'm one of the people screaming), is when Chester came down to us during Crawling and literally came straight to us and grabbed my hand while he was singing/screaming (fangirl swoon still). 

Then later on in 2008, my best friend Megan and I were front row for Linkin Park and Chris Cornell at their Projekt Revolution tour that summer and it was incredible yet again. Seriously, I haven't found a band that has matched intros like this..maybe Muse has come close. Hands Held High is still such a great song, loved this mash-up with Chris.

Once again, this band was you know, my teenage favorite and reflecting today has made me realize what an awesome band they were from performing, to their personalities and how they conducted themselves with fans. 

Thank you for the great music, Chester - RIP