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Monday, June 26, 2017

berlin marathon training, week 3: that time when all your runs go well!

Solid week of training! Almost a quarter of the way there...


5.2 mi Speedwork / 8:38 pace
Lower Body Strength

The company gym isn't too hopping after work... also, I swear the weights are heavier than what they are labeled.

The company store sells hummus. This was $2.25 - deal! Somehow I did not eat all of this in one night...it actually lasted 6 days!


Upper Body Strength

Got my workouts in before work thanks to a busy day. We had dinner at Harvest Kitchen and it was delicious. I...already forgot what this was. I'm super great at blogging, I know. But it was a fish...not salmon, tilapia, seabass...but I can tell you that is kimchi to the right and it was a curry sauce...


7 mi Tempo / 8:22 pace

Oh look, I actually was almost spot on with my paces for a tempo run - progress! It was the longest day of the year so I made sure to get outside for this run and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I enjoyed this after. Some man threw me some shade as I ate this in the parking lot. Whatever man, I didn't want to share with you anyway.

I walked for a while after since it was nice out, and you know, the freaking step challenge at work is still going on. I also stumbled upon the train station where several strangers asked me where the train and train tracks are. You are reading the blog of the worst undercover train conductor ever apparently.



This is not spinning. This was walking at lunch. Once again, this step challenge...

Ok, so Spinning in all seriousness, was awesome. First ever full-hour (ok, 50 minute) Spinning class and it was great. I was drenched in sweat within 5 minutes and it was rather tough. The theme of the class was Road Trip Throwback...and you know when it started off with City of Blinding Lights I just wanted to weep so that was a good start. One of the cool parts is that you are ranked versus everyone else in the class throughout the class... let's just say I have some room for improvement.

I still didn't have enough steps. So I saw a nice sunset.



Ollie has this interesting habit of watching the news every morning. My cat, the Grandpa Cat.

I was really hungry all day and knowing I had the long run the next day..snacking happened. These guys were great. I finished the bag in about 3 minutes.


17 mi Long  / 9:03 pace
Lower Body Strength

Oh, you're thinking, why the heck is she running 17 miles during her 3rd week of Marathon training? You know, I don't know, but I'm going to stick to this book - their novice plan got me a pretty decent finish with Milan so I'm just doing their normal plan, OK?!

This was a really good run. I don't have any pictures, that's how serious I was about it this time. I also did not stop my watch at any point during the run. Newsflash: I typically stop my watch to like...drink water, have a gel, take a selfie, not die, you know, the usual... But this time I decided to whip out some self-control and it paid off.

My goal was a 9:08 pace, and I was pleased with the 9:03. I felt really great from mile 9 on. 

Yes, I lifted after. Mostly inspired after watching an interview with Jordan Hasay and how lifting after those hard long runs really takes training to the next level. Sure I'm not coming in 3rd in Boston like her but hey, worth a shot to switch up the routine.


Upper Body Strength

Things they don't tell you about rooftop yoga: There are bees. And your yoga mat may fly away. Luckily I was not stung and no one's mats flew away and it was an overall gorgeous day for some yoga!

And for baseball too.

And for eating an entire pizza (I mean it was small, but...it was gone within minutes).

Overall a solid week of training - next up Week 4, which will feature a probably rather amusing return to the lovely altitude of Flagstaff, Arizona for a few days!