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Monday, March 28, 2016

marathon training week 17

Not much to recap as far as training, I am taking tapering very seriously during this Europe trip! My nice pictures won't upload since they are so big so here's a quick recap...

First stop: Barcelona.  Selfie in Sagrada Familia like a pro.

Tapas in Spain are a must. Everywhere.

My friend did not realize how much I snacked. Found some Nestle snacks I've never seen before in the Naples airport.

Agua con gas has become my best friend.  This in Sorrento, Italy - pre-amazing pizza.

Got intervals in on a treadmill, that measured in kilometers of course. An Italian man afterward called out my excessive pronation..

The view from Anacapri.. 

Got my "long" run in on Easter Sunday in the mountain/countryside of small town Italy, immediately after eating the biggest lunch of my life -- a 4 or 5 course lunch (bread, lasagna, linguine with mushrooms, strawberry cake, prosciutto with ham and cheese, rabbit-which I didn't eat, broccolini, potatoes; we skipped salad..).  I am honestly surprised that I did not puke or had GI issues during the run.

Dropped my personal phone yesterday. Really bad obviously.  However, you can see, definitely getting all the steps in, so I feel slightly less guilty about skipping a run last week.

As far as the rest of the week, we have been in Rome today, will head to Florence in the middle of the week, and then finally, Milan at the end of the week! I ate probably everything I saw last week, so I've started to tone it down today until race day. 6 days!