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Monday, March 14, 2016

marathon training week 15

This week culminated with blood and bruises...during my first 20 mile run ever. Read on to see how this transpired...

Left arm - thanks for always being there for me. First, during my 2nd half marathon, and then during my longest run yet.



Since I didn't rest on Friday, had a bad run Saturday, and still lifted on Sunday - I thought this was due.  And I think it helped me in the long run (literally and figuratively, har har har)


Intervals + Lifting
4.3 mi / 8:50 pace

Ran these intervals in the morning (10 min warm-up, 5x(2 min fast, 2 min easy), 10 min cool down) and then lifted in the afternoon.

Started reading The Nightingale before going back into work for a few hours.  I finished this later in the week and highly recommend it!


Hot Yoga 60

Whole Foods Wednesdays are really the greatest. I'll skip the tofu next time though.

My sandwich of the week is made up of sprouted grain bread, sliced tomato, "spicy" sprouts, and hummus. Then some greek yogurt for the protein fix.


8 mi / 8:04 pace

Whole Foods had strawberries on sale - they are not quite in season yet, but it's just around the corner!

Looped it around Buffalo Park.

My Tempo run went way better than expected. I was feeling pretty sluggish most of the workday, so I got some coffee with espresso at lunch.  Pretty sure the espresso was what took my run to the next level - which is great news since that is pretty much all I'll be drinking in Europe.



My lunch - looks great but turned out to be such a mess. Still...worth it.

I definitely knew I would not be skipping this rest day..


Long Run
20 mi / 9:23 pace

The forecast for this weekend definitely made it seem like Sunday would be warmer and sunnier day to run. Rain/snow/wind was actually projected for Saturday but since I have this belief that I will have a rainy marathon day..I went for the Saturday run.  It was snowing in the morning, but by the time I got out the door, the skies cleared..but the winds howled.

The first half of this run, per usual, was very strong. Wind and the slight downhill was also helping me out. So, on the way back, wind was fighting me, but I definitely was still going at a decent pace considering it was uphill + 20 mph winds all working against me.  I was feeling actually really good near the end of my run, focused on not stopping until I hit the 20 mile mark.  However, I wasn't focused enough apparently.

Keep your chin up! Even if it looks like you got into a bar fight.

At mile 17.5, I hit the ground - hard. Literally face forward into the unpaved road.  My chin, left arm, and right thigh took the beating this time around.

I could feel it in my arm the rest of the run but wanted to finish so badly that I didn't check it out until I was done.

The rest of the run wasn't bad at all, I was just focused on getting back to my car in one piece. Which I did!

Feeling pretty BA running my errands the rest of the day.

Once I got home, I immediately showered/cleaned out the wounds/applied antibiotic ointment.  It didn't hit me to ice my chin until a few hours later unfortunately. However, besides the cuts and bruises, I felt pretty good considering I just ran 20 miles with an epic fall!!


Hot Yoga 90

I didn't sleep well post-long run per usual, but I skipped lifting in the AM since I am moving up everything in my training plan this week by a day.

Woke up to a colorful shinny-chin-chin!

I spent my morning eating (hunger was slowly starting to hit), icing my chin, reading, then finally going to the first Hot Yoga 90 class in the afternoon, which went pretty well.  Can almost do the Crow pose!

Hunger then hit with full force.

I have made the decision that I will be eating seafood abroad over the next few weeks so decided to give my a stomach a head start on what's to come :) (Though I have no idea what the heck this sauce was even composed of so I didn't have all of that)

In summary - strong, solid week.  One last week of all-out training then tapering. Oh, and Europe!!