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Monday, March 7, 2016

marathon training week 14

This week I learned the importance of sleep and recovery.


 Hot Yoga 60


6.9 mi / 8:40 pace

10 min warm-up, 10x400m (400m RI), 10 min cool down.  I thought this would take forever but it flew by!

Decide to fuel up quickly/easily right after the intervals (on the treadmill) and before going straight into lifting.

And then fuel after lifting. Eggs + Veggies = Happiness.


Hike + Hot Yoga Carve

Not kidding about working on my tan.

This hike used to take a lot out of me. Now I don't break a sweat.

Yes, my ankle is still hurting, not during my runs but when I stretch it out in different ways. I need to keep icing it. And probably lay off the hikes..


6 mi / 8:20 pace

One day I will suffer the wrath of the goose. I just know it.

+ Lifting + Hike

This run went really, really well. I probably went over the top with the hike after lifting..


Easy Run
4.4 mi/8:40 pace

So, for the record, I got 3.5 hours of sleep Thursday into Friday due to a very late night at work. I should've slept when I got home but.. didn't. I would come to regret this as you will see.

Fridays are always a rest day for me, but I had energy, and I wanted to try out my new shoes for the marathon.  They felt great!

Ollie had a vet appointment - poor guy needs to lose 4 pounds!


Long Run
 10 mi / 9:12 pace

This run went really poorly. All 10 miles should have been at 8:30 pace but I think my lack of sleep and poor nutrition caught up with me.  I'm honestly surprised this was at an 9:12 pace. It felt like a 9:40 mile, every mile.

Thought I still deserved pancakes though.

I was completely exhausted from this run, and probably just from training overall. I decided that I needed to add an extra rest day in ASAP, and that is today, Monday. 

Also went out on Saturday to the local art awards.  Jealous of my fascinator??



I would have made Sunday my rest day but I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get in lifting on Monday, so lifted away I did.  But I decided to not go to Hot Yoga and start the recovery process early.  A lot of House of Cards was watched this day to say the least...

Passed a few Deloreans on the way home from grocery shopping..

Overall, great week up until the long run.  This week and next (my last two in the states before Europe), I am not cheating at all. No mini dark chocolate bars at work, no granola bars, and replacing most of my fruit snacks with veggies. (Not to say I won't cheat in Europe, let's be honest, I'll enjoy gelato and some wine!) Also, going to do my best to unplug before bedtime and focus on a minimum 7 hours of sleep. 20 mile run on Sunday!