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Friday, March 18, 2016

marathon training week 16

Last week of full-out training, paired with a super stressful week at work made this fun!


Elliptical - 30 minutes

I was questioned every hour at work this week about my face.

My intention was to run intervals today but due to excessive snacking, my stomach wasn't prepared for something of that nature.


Intervals + Lifting
4.2 mi / 8:31 pace

Wearing my Run Happy socks for morning intervals! Thanks Jenny!

10 minute warm-up, 6 x 800m (1:30 RI), skipped the 10 min cool down for the sake of getting all of my lifting in before work.

The sky is so big..

6 mi / 8:19 pace

For this tempo, I had low expectations. Hadn't eaten that well and had been up since 4a; however it went way better than I anticipated! Pretty happy with the faster pace with each of the last three miles.

Eggs and veggies along with Naturebox and Graze were my life this week.



Since I am traveling Saturday, I moved up my Rest Day and Long Run day. This was good timing since I had a long day at work!


Long Run
13.1 mi / 8:53 pace

So, let's focus on that big orb in the sky.

I didn't realize how warm it already was at 930a.. typically it has been taking a longer time to warm up, but not today. I left my apartment in long sleeve Underarmour...once I got to the starting point (1000 feet lower in elevation), I switched into a tank top, then 2 miles in, I took the tank top off because it was so hot!

I survived and almost drank my entire Camelbak bladder, which I haven't even done on the 14-20 mile runs! (For the record, it was around 60-63 degrees out, but at a higher altitude with not a cloud in the sky..it's a bit more intense. I got sunburned.)

My two goals for this run was to get a PR for 13.1 miles at altitude (I did!), and then not to fall on my face this time (I didn't, hooray!).  Now tapering officially begins.  I headed down to Phoenix for the night..

How convenient the first color I pick up...

First time trying Zoe's Kitchen - super delicious!

Then finished the night off with lifting, because who knows if I'll have access to any weights abroad.


Travel! I plan to start using my FitBit again (it broke, it was nice not to wear it all the time) to track how many steps we are accumulating each day.. and hopefully I'll be able to post updates as our trip goes on!