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Friday, April 1, 2016

marathon training week 18

And the last week of marathon training is of course the last week of tapering- this week in Rome, Florence and of course, Milan!

Caprese Salads are delicious! The mozzarella cheese is probably a big factor in my strong love for them. I think this was buffalo mozzarella.

The Trevi Fountain at night - we made our three wishes!

My last gelato until after the race.  Dark chocolate and Strawberry is love.

Then off to Florence..

Snacking last week consisted of pastries - this week, it's fruit!

Oh, I'm supposed to talk about running, right? I had two final runs left this week - one run of intervals, and one tempo.  Wisely, or unwisely, this is yet to be determined, I got both of them in the morning of our second day in Florence.

First run: Intervals / 8:33 pace / 5 mi
10 min warm-up, 6 x 400m (400m Recovery in between), 10 min cool down.

This went really well. I mean, it helps that I was running in freaking Florence, Italy over all the bridges at sunrise but I physically felt pretty good too.

Probably my favorite two runs of this training. Look at all these colors!

Second run: Tempo / 8:26 pace / 3 mi
Goal was to run these 3 at my planned marathon pace and went above and beyond that. 

So gorgeous!

Of course, since I'm that person, we made our usual routine stop at an organic/vegan/healthy place on our way out of Florence this morning (yes, we stopped at one in Rome too) Check out my "green detox" juice!

Then, we had an easy train ride over to Milan!

First stop: pick up the race goodies!

You know you're running a race in Italy when pasta is in your goodie bag.

From there, we got the most physically exerting activity of the Milan part of our trip out of the way so we wouldn't have to do it the day before my race. Exploring and climbing to the top of the Duomo!

With the city where I will be running my first marathon :)

Now - we may make a day trip up north tomorrow but no physically taxing activities are planned besides excessive water drinking and carb loading!

All ready to go for Sunday!!! :)