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Saturday, October 10, 2015

stitch fix review

I was "surprised" with Stitch Fix #9 this week.  

By surprised I mean, I totally forgot that I was scheduled for a fix until I saw that they charged my credit card account. 

My reaction: "Oh, darn."

First item: Sweater Dress. This was an extremely comfortable dress.  The sweater is of course attached to the black dress.  I would have got this if I was still working at a library.

Second: Striped Sweater.  This was a very simple grey and blue striped sweater.  Very comfortable once again.  I labeled this as a maybe until the below happened.

Third: Anorak Jacket. Oh, the love I have for this piece of clothing is just sad. Look at the polka dot detail! 

Look at the back! So comfortable and completely my style.  The stylist definitely hit up my Pinterest board and it literally paid off.

Yes, my love for this anorak was so deep that I had to tweet.

Fourth: Color-block long-sleeve top.  I really liked this one - the white part on the shoulder is a slightly different fabric which made it pretty cool.  This one is going to Sarah though!

Fifth: Necklace.  I really liked this necklace as well... but scarf season is upon us and I am all about scarves.  I would have definitely bought this if it was around summer. 

Overall: Awesome Stitchfix. Even though I only bought one item for myself...they've got me down.