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Saturday, October 10, 2015

half training 2015.3.2

This week's training called for 20.5 miles. I really wanted to do more but decided that I was following a training plan for a reason...

Monday... I tried to start off with a "cleanse"  and rest because I was not feeling well...

3 miles on the treadmill/8:55 pace. Strength train.

What? Wool socks and running shoes are not attractive?

So I ended up leaving work around 730a because my cold was unbearable and I was drowning in tissues at work, and could barely talk.  I went home and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours, which was unexpected to say the least. I woke up feeling much better and decided to make use of the day I had.  So..to the treadmill.  I tend to start off the first mile around a 9 minute pace, and then gradually pick up the pace every half mile or so, at least on the treadmill.  I need to do that on real runs...

Ollie and I were totally on the same page.

3.1 trail/9:04 pace.

Tried to "cleanse" again..

This was pretty bad.  I had this huge beet salad for lunch, which tasted amazing, but... I've never had beets before. Needless to say, my stomach did not want to digest this (add this to No Go list, right under quinoa). But I attempted to run.  I was supposed to do 5, but could only manage 3 which entailed stopping 3 or 4 times because my stomach felt like it was eating itself.  A very pleasant feeling, if I dare say so.

I see snow...

7 trail/8:53 pace.

As I called this on Strava, "Redemption"! In order to make up for the 2 miles I lost on Wednesday, I just added them to my run on Thursday.  It felt pretty good overall until the last mile.  Where I wanted to just stop. But I didn't. I blame this on starting off too quickly.  Felt like death after this one and think it was due to not refueling properly after.  (A bag of grapes will not do the trick)

My body temperature dropped way too quickly after this run.

30 minutes on the elliptical - intervals. I was going to rest completely but the guilt of eating a half of bag of candy corn that evening was on my mind...

My intent of buying candy corn was to mix it in with trail mix.

7.5 road/9:03 pace. Strength train.

For some reason, I also thought having 10 pieces of candy corn at 7a before this run was a good idea. Eating junk before a run will make you feel like junk during the run.  Anyway, avoided some shady characters and got this one in.  Learned that 7.5 miles running is 12k FitBit steps..for me at least.

Now - time for Disney World!!!