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Thursday, October 22, 2015

disney world vaca: animal kingdom, mickey's halloween party, and hollywood studios

Let's get right into it!


Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life - the A Bug's Life 3D show inside was terrifying.

Real hikes include aquariums.

Well, they should. How cool!

Finished this half day with our first ever Dole Whip at the Polynesian!

Also checked out Magic Kingdom's parade, light show and fireworks with the rest of humankind that night.


Mickey's Halloween Party!

Let me, Princess Anna, guide you through our magical Halloween Adventure.

One of my favorite pictures of the whole trip! Happy Aunt over here!

Magical memories being made watching a show in front of the castle.

It's A Small World was a huge hit with Everett.

While Candy Corn soft serve was the biggest hit with everyone..or just me..

It was extremely difficult to pick between all of the rides with no wait or endless trick or treating.  Splash Mountain was definitely worth it though!
Loved the light show!

And of course, the fireworks.  It was just like we were in the middle of that one Full House episode, only the Beach Boys were missing.


Hollywood Studios

Toy Story was pretty cool though there were some too long holding times in the middle of the ride.

Performing dental work on Mater.

His ears were the first to go.


Last day had to include Dole Whip.  This time - with vanilla swirl!

Racing down the highways was a must.

Went back to Magic Kingdom to grab a Starbucks Disney mug and of course, ride Space Mountain. 

Overall: a super magical trip! Until next time..