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Saturday, August 1, 2015

one year, 17 minutes down

Today, we had our last 10k of the Summer Run Series (two races remain though). 

Spoiler alert: We had an awesome brunch after.

Last year, I ran this race as my first 10k, impulsively switching to it without much training.  I finished at 1:16.  This year, I finished in 59:40!

Starting the first uphill..

This was the first race where I'm pretty sure I passed more people than people who passed me and it was a pretty awesome feeling.  There were three significant hills and I was able to focus and pass people on those.  

End of the race - The photographer was up in a tree.  It was rather silly but a good idea nonetheless!

Despite this run, I am supposed to be "tapering" for the half in a week, so less running which has been perfectly ok with my work schedule lately! I am hoping for a 2:15 for the half though many people have assured me that it is extremely difficult.  We shall see!