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Sunday, August 9, 2015

half mud marathon

Yes, it rained. Got to the starting point at 7a, and our Race Director kindly informs the crowd that the course was the "dryest it has ever been" the day before and has turned into the "wettest it has ever been" overnight.  They had folks out at 3a that morning just to rechalk the course route because it all washed away.  He also let us know that there will be people out on the trail just in case there are any injured runners.  So, you know, I am pretty comforted by all of this right now.

This was taken before hearing all of the above.

So at this point, I am hoping I just finish under 2:30. A couple of people that I was planning to pace myself with this year finished the race right under 2:30 the year before, so that was what I was basing it off of.  I also was hoping that the course magically dried off within 4 hours and that my stretch 2:07 goal was possible.  Anyway, let's get started.

I will be braiding my hair next time.  Though it is a good way to keep people away..

The first uphill really wasn't too bad until it got to be extremely steep, and I walked it. Probably for a minute at the most.  Then got back at it.  The picture above is at our halfway aid station. I am pretty sure I got a rock in my shoe right at this point because the guy right after me kindly let me know that my foot kicking out to the side while I was running.  At this point, we had probably run through 3 miles of solid mud, and there were another 3 of mud on and off after this. Stopped very briefly at aid stations at miles 8 and 10 for water and gel. Gels are a must when running this long!

I'm a half marathon pigeon!

Finally, after keeping pace with a few folks, I finished at 2:13:58. Not. Too. Shabby.  The steep downhill was not so awesome, by the way.  Felt very faint after finishing, was able to muster a gatorade, water, orange and pretzels but had no appetite until about 3 hours after.

You can't even tell that I just ran 13.1 miles.

Until you look down at my legs and shoes. That right one was SOAKED at one point.

Needless to say, I already have signed up for my next half, and it will be next month on September 19th, but it won't be any easier..(however I do get a sweet medal)
1862 feet of climbing. I'm down. Or am I up?

Going to rest a bit this week, and then really get back into it next week.


Taco Bell was glorious once I got my appetite back. Loco tacos for days!