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Thursday, August 20, 2015

from the south to the west

So, things have been a little funky lately due to recent travel. Visited Louisville this past weekend for a friend's wedding, which was super fun.

Kentucky apparently is green and hilly.  Didn't see much of it but it sure looked nice from the sky.

I managed to fit one 3mi run in on Saturday morning where I ran through a neighborhood near the hotel. I managed to run sub 9 minute miles, mostly because I knew eggs, french toast, and bananas were waiting for me at the hotel. Figures.

For lunch, I had a delicious "summer salad" which starred watermelon. It was fabulous. Best meal of the trip.. southern food isn't too healthy.

Thanks to a delay and musical gate changes at O'Hare, I slept for 4 hours Sunday night so my energy levels this week have been lacking.  

Saw a wildfire on my night drive back up.  That was the only excitement. Believe me.

Regardless, the weather has been beautiful so that has been helpful motivation.

After work hike on Monday - we have really terrible views here.

This week, a company-wide step challenge started at work, so I have been trying to get even more steps than I usually do.  This means more treadmill, and more pacing around the apartment.  Another healthy source of motivation.

Sunset walk before softball last night.

As far as runs this week, I kept it easy due to my lack of sleep.  So 5mi run on the road Tuesday, and 4mi trail today. Both I paced at or under 9:30/mi...which is not normal. I'm not sure where this is coming from but I don't mind.

Sorry, kind of obsessed with wildflowers.

Rest tomorrow, and then Saturday we have our last race of the Summer Run Series, with the 15k "Gaspin' in the Aspen" up at 8000ft altitude.  Hoping for 1:27 but we shall see!