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Sunday, July 12, 2015

mountain run

This week was a productive week! 2 weekday runs under 10min/mi pace finally. Hoping that becomes consistent. Ollie has been super cute this week.

Who me? I'm just napping where you sleep.

Friday was a half day where I pigged out starting with lunch (soba noodle salad and dessert) and then "carbed" up with a sandwich and probably two a half beers at dinner time and after..all in preparation for an up and over 10.3 mile race over Mount Elden the next morning. The beers didn't help by the way, but the Alpine Pedaler that was involved with them was kind of awesome.

We were celebrating the boss's birthday. 

Saturday morning was an early start, had to be at the shuttle at 615a. About 35 of us participated in this run..there was also a 10k and 5k - all supporting Northern Arizona First Responders. There were a few firefighters that ran the 10k in their full gear!

It was a gorgeous run! 

If I had more sleep and no beers the night before, I'm sure I would have broken the 2 hour mark. Definitely had to hike the uphill..my legs felt like heavy, heavy weights. 

I had to take a selfie. Mt. Elden is behind me.

Once we reached the top, the downhill was glorious. My splits are further proof of this.

The last three miles were flat and on neighborhood roads, so that was a little unexpected but I still managed to keep up a good pace.

We got an awesome shirt. Ollie was excited that I was couch ridden the rest of the day.

Overall, beat my estimated end time by 13 minutes! It was an awesome run, but definitely learned the proper rest and carbs the night before make a difference. Back to normal training (and eating) this week!