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Thursday, August 27, 2015

rainy run week

Exciting addition to my running gear this week: The Garmin 220! Perfect timing for my half marathon ramp-up runs.

It would help if I turned the backlight on.  Growing pains.

My first run this week was an early morning run on Monday around the block for 3 mi/9:17 pace.  You can tell fall is around the corner - it was definitely a bit more brisk than usual.

I was a bit ambitious, probably fueled by the Garmin's arrival, and went on a run the next day at the trail where I saw a naked man and snake a few months back.  Needless to say, I was hesitant about this. I only saw a dog pony this time.

He looked like this but not a pony.

  This was my first run in the Brooks and with the Garmin, and of course the weather did not want to cooperate.

I had to stop halfway through under a church because it was borderline hailing.

But awesome run: 4.2 mi/8:49 pace.

Sidenote: I am volunteering as a head coach with a volunteer program called Girls on the Run.  It is a program focused on empowering younger girls through fun games and activities, and of course, running.  The 10 week season culminates in a fun 5k run in early November.  I'm pretty excited to start our twice a week practices next week!

My Assistant Coach and I. We did not plan on matching actually!

Thursday was my longer speedwork/fartlek run.  Distance goal was 6.5 miles but since I'm OCD about finishing at an even number, I ended up running 7.  I also ran the last 2 miles without music since my headphones died.  It really wasn't as bad as I expected!

Not too shabby.  Yes, I love how the watch and shoes match.

However, when I went back into work right after for a quick shift change meeting, I noticed the front of my right leg was starting to ache.

I don't like this. Luckily, Friday is a rest day.

10.5 mi long run on Saturday and some strength training too. More to come about how much food I am eating and a good book I read recently...