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Monday, August 29, 2016

towpath marathon training, week 10

Only 6 weeks until race day!

Cross: Rowing and Biking


Usually Tuesday is my speedwork day, however I took the day off from running to fully rest and recover from that shin splint issue that popped up during Week 9 of training.

Cross: Rowing and Biking

5 mi / 8:59 pace

What was scheduled for this week was a 10 mile tempo run, but I knew that would be pushing it not knowing if my shin would cooperate.  I ran an easy 5 during lunch and felt great, no pain.

My first of two stops at Panera aka St. Louis Bread Company this week. You can order from iPads when you walk in which is extremely convenient if you're in a hurry.

Thursday's "Healthy" Option at work for lunch. Allegedly 290 calories..

Jeni's released their new Gooey Butter Cake flavor a day early in St. Louis so definitely had to try that out.

It was delicious. I also got the Sweet Biscuits and Peach Jam flavor. So. Good.

Then we went over to Whole Foods because I was intrigued by their bar situation. Such cheap beers! And we're not talking about Bud Light here, tons of local options. 

4 mi / 9:13 pace

My intention was to get the last 5 of the "tempo" run in after work before the Cardinals game but only had time to get 4 in. I felt a little bit of pain early in the run around 2 miles, but it disappeared.

I apparently didn't take any real pictures of our suite, but believe me, the seats were great, and the food (and dessert cart) were even better.

1 mi / 8:59 pace

This was a rather unplanned 1 miler but hey at least I got my last mile of the tempo in!

Tried out some local kombucha to ~*cleanse~* myself. (Let's be honest, a good workout/run is more cleansing). 

15 mi / 9:27 pace

Very excited to share the I got my long run and felt very little pain! And also wore my brand new running shoes - the New Balance Vongo - and they were awesome.  Sometimes, actually, a lot of times, stability running shoes are super clunky and look like astronaut shoes, but I really like the look of these. 

And yes, it was the typical hot and humid situation but I felt like I didn't sweat as much as usual. Probably because it was a slower pace, but that's OK!

This week, we have a Steps Challenge starting at work for the next month, so I will really be working on my steps game (it's rare for me to hit 10k if I don't run that day), and also getting back into the routine of 3 runs/wk.