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Monday, November 7, 2016

race recap

Apparently life sometimes takes over and blogging falls to the wayside..here's a quick refresher on what has happened race-wise recently.. 

10/9/16 - Towpath Half Marathon, 1:49:09, 8:21 pace, 10th in age group

I could not run the full marathon unfortunately due to my knee/leg injury. Honestly...I almost didn't finish this race. Mile 5 my leg started acting up so I did not stop for any waters or gels due to the fear of my leg tightening up if I stopped.

It was a gorgeous morning. Prime PR conditions for the healthy runners.

For real. I would have definitely PRed in the marathon if all was well!

My goal considering my leg injury was to finish under 1:50, which I ended up doing thankfully!

Emma helping her limp Aunt walk back to the car.

10/23/16 - Great Halloween 10k, 48:46, 7:53 pace, 8th in age group

The family visited St. Louis recently and we all decided to run in the St. Louis Halloween Race which was super fun! I have had been going through physical therapy at this point and was feeling pretty good, so I was set on a PR.

Emma and Everett were warming up!

Emma is a fierce Rainbow Dash runner.

This would have been a good picture if I didn't run with my eyes closed.

Little did this lady know that a pumpkin was chasing her. Also apparently this pumpkin flies when she runs fast.

I was able to PR by 2 minutes and felt very strong through the whole race! 

11/6/16 - Skippo 20k, 1:55:46, 9:19 pace, 3rd in age group, 10th female overall

Now I was feeling rather ambitious and decided to sign up for a 20k trail run less than a week out from the actual race. I have been slowly picking up the mileage thanks to physical therapy working out well so this was a good test.

So I knew there would an endless amount of stairs.. but I really didn't realize there'd be a creek to run though even though that's the first picture you see on the race's website...

Now, this was fun! The race started out flat and fast for the first 2 miles then you make your way up a set of 200 steep stairs..and then down switchbacks on a cliff. Then crossing a creek, and back up again a steep trail, then down and fast back to where you started. And then you repeated the same loop. I didn't fall and even though there were slight pains here and there - this was a great race! My Cleveland tattoo was a hit as well.

Next up? 

The Turkey Trot in Cleveland, of course, and then potentially the Frostbite Winter Race Series here in St. Louis. Also, I will be 26.2 years old on March 19th...more to come!