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Monday, August 15, 2016

rock hall half marathon

Sunday was Race Day in Cleveland, Ohio!

We picked up our bibs at the one and only Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

It was a balmy 70 something degrees with a high humidity and dew point - we shouldn't have been surprised!

The course itself was pretty straight forward - slight hill at the half mile mark right after Browns Stadium then you ran through to Cleveland State, down to the Cleveland Clinic, turning shortly after that to run down through a park back to the lakeshore, with the last 3-4 miles along the lake.

The goal was to start at an 8:00min/pace which happened for the first three miles but then the humidity really got the best of me. I started to feel pretty good again near the end but I think that was because I had come to terms that a sub 1:45 wasn't going to happen.  Also, there was a nice breeze that usually would peeve me, but it sure felt good with all the humidity! It did drizzle a bit which was also very welcome.

As Jenny described it - this is my "I hate humidity" face at the end.

I finished in 1:52:39 - which, if you're keeping track, is my first time NOT setting a PR during a race since August of last year. I have not fully appreciated how impressive that streak is yet..

They had this cool area where you could type in your bib number to see your results - very nice!

By far the most impressive performance of the day was my 3, almost 4, year old niece Emma rocking the 5k! She ended up running half of the 5k and we fully expected her to kick back in the stroller for the race! Look at the determination...and form!!

My first ever 5k in May 2013 on the left, Emma's first 5k on Sunday on the right. Emma definitely did not want to wait 22 years like her aunt to run her first 5k apparently!!

Loving the guitar action of course.

The shirt and the medal were/are awesome! The guitar pick on the medal moves!

Cleveland put up three of these around the city for the RNC so we made sure to get a post-race pic with one of them!

Overall, great race with the family in the CLE! Definitely need to step up my training though if I want any sort of Marathon PR in less than 8 weeks. Crossing my fingers that training in humidity will be just as effective as the training at altitude :P