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Sunday, August 21, 2016

towpath marathon training, weeks 8+9

I never actually posted my week of training leading up to the half marathon, so here's a quick review of that and this last week! Warning: Injury ahead!

Week 8

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Core + Hike

On Tuesday morning, I headed over to the Lake of the Ozarks for work. Needless to say.. I have seen bigger lakes. Caught a nice sunset though!

Also found a castle.

Wednesday - Speedwork - 5.6mi/9:01 pace

We had a half day of work in the morning and then had a free afternoon. I believe I ran a little too soon after lunch because this did NOT feel good at all. 

Nice sunrise from the room!

Thursday - 8 mi run (4 in the AM, 8:46 pace, 4 in the PM, 9:09 pace, pretty darn hilly)
Friday - Cross
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Half

Week 9

After my performance at the half, I decided I need to mix up my routine a bit. I have been struggling quite a bit to get up before work to work out so I decided to join the gym at work so I can get my workouts done immediately before, after work or during lunch, which was pretty much what I did in Flagstaff since I lived so close to work.

Monday - Cross - Bike + Deep Stretch Yoga
Tuesday - Speedwork - 5.4 mi/8:41 pace (felt pretty good!) + Lift
Wednesday - Cross - Bike + Vinyasa (Hot??) Yoga

Discovered a new lunch place near work. This was the best tofu I have ever eaten!

Thursday - Tempo - 6 mi / 8:20 pace, Lift

I ran this during lunch on the treadmill at work - first time utilizing this treadmill. I felt REALLY good the whole time and was running at a 7:50-8:00 pace the last three miles easily.  However, I was running in my Adidas shoes that are now over 350 miles. After this run, I felt some pain in my right leg but disregarded it and carried on like normal..

Friday - Cross - Bike
Saturday - Rest

Knowing my Adidas shoes are pretty much done, I decided to go to the running store to buy some new shoes.  When trying the new shoes on, I noticed that the pain in my right leg was still going strong.. but once again disregarded it.

On your left, New Balance Vongo, the right Saucony Hurricane ISO. They ordered the New Balance in a few sizes for me so I can try them on..still no new shoes yet.

Sunday - Long - 7 mi (not "long", but it was supposed to be 20)

And here comes Sunday, time for my next 20 miler. First off - weather was PERFECT! I got up later than usual but even at 8a it actually felt cool for once, and not humid! Had a pretty steady 8:30 pace for a few miles, then noticed right around miles 2.5-3 that the pain in my right leg was back and it was bad. I tried to run slower, force myself to at least go a few more miles to make it a total 10, but I had to turn around at mile 3.5. I have a very high pain threshold so the fact that I had to cut this run so short is a little worrisome.

Once I got home I iced it a few times, then literally hobbled over to brunch.

Veggie hash!

The sorrow about my self-diagnosed shin splints was so real that I felt like we needed to go on a little brewery tour.

So many breweries in STL!

The Innovator at Urban Chestnut Brewing.

So right now, I am icing once again, and will spend my first few days this week just focusing on cross-training...hopefully with a bit of rest from running and new shoes just around the corner, this will be just a minor hiccup in training!!