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Monday, July 25, 2016

towpath marathon training, week 5



I had every intention to work out once I landed in Phoenix, but our plane got turned around to Albuquerque because of a summer monsoon in Phoenix.  So didn't have time to work out.

New Mexico Mountains.

However, this gave me plenty of time to make origami birds with lady sitting next to me on the plane.
Our entire row ended up getting a bird.


Bike - AM

I discovered this awesome restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale called The Chopshop. I got this chicken teriyaki bowl with "forbidden rice". Also some random lady came up to me here to tell me about all the "energies" she was feeling from me and gave her "alternative Life Coach" business card. When in Arizona..

Arizona sunsets are consistently amazing!



5.5 mi / 8:51 pace

Finally did speedwork on the treadmill.  The guy next to me told me good job afterwards, lol.

Wandered for food after my run.

Settled on pizza. Wasn't that great unfortunately.



6 mi / 8:52 pace

I look hesitant because I was about to run outside in July, in Phoenix, Arizona. (Also please note that awesome chafing near my neck thanks to my Camelbak during long runs)

It was worth it.

Seriously - running outside in a 80-something degree dry heat beats running in high humidity, high dew point at 70 degrees in the Midwest.

Should I have told TSA?


Lift @ Home

So my car was still in Kansas at this point and I was too ashamed to ask someone to pick me up so I could fill my empty fridge... so here's my Friday night dinner.

Sunset at Forest Park. This time we enjoyed E.T. on Art Hill!



It was time to go back to Kansas City to grab my car. 

First stop: Arthur Bryant's BBQ.  This is one of those local places that Presidents go to when they are in town (pictures of Obama, Steven Spielberg, and other celebrities decorated the walls) 

I suppose this made up for my Friday night dinner.

Then we grabbed my car and headed over to Boulevard Brewing to grab a flight.

I don't usually drink the day before a long run but this one was worth it. 

We headed over to the WWI Memorial Museum but discovered it closed early due to water system issues.  Good view of the city though.

Then tapas for dinner. Definitely not vegetarian for marathon training this time around.

Smoked salmon is my life.

And then time to head home.


15 mi / 9:40 pace

This was supposed to be 18 miles but 
1. I woke up at 6:15 
2. There was an excessive heat warning 
3. It was 74% humidity with a 67 degree dew point, so 15 was going to have to work.

Overall, I felt OK during this run, it was supposed to be at a faster pace (9:06) but I didn't want to push it in the heat.

It's so humid when this happens after you step out of the car..

Fro-Yo was a must.

Later in the day, I had some really weird mental lapses that made me glad I didn't run the last 3 of the run earlier in the day (I did feel a little guilty about it at first).  So..take it from this amateur, keep it easier in the summer during excessive heat scenarios. I read an article later in the day about how training in heat is better than training at altitude. While I have my doubts about this, I certainly hope it's true!

This next week, I intend to be out the door early enough for my long run where the humidity won't be at its worst. Also - focusing on catching up on sleep too!