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Monday, July 4, 2016

towpath marathon training, week 2

This week I experimented with getting my workouts done after work.. it was nice to catch up on sleep but I think my runs need to be done before work!


Cross: Cycle

My friend posted pictures from her Cali road trip and I was inspired by this kale/black bean/egg combo that they had for breakfast.  Just missing some avocado!


Speedwork : 4.8 mi / 8:30 pace

I have established that I need to find a flat trail or a track for speedwork. I feel like I'm losing out on the advantages of speedwork by running on the hills around my place.  Last marathon training, I did mostly all of my speedwork on the treadmill thanks to winter.


Cross: Cycle

Discovered this new Chipotle-style Mediterranean place downtown. So good. I think Mediterranean is my favorite kind of food.

Then walked back to work. It was our first non-humid day since I moved here!


Cross: Cycle

My favorite Hellofresh meal to date. Pan-seared gnocchi, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and pesto.

I joined the YMCA here which came with a free consultation with a personal trainer.  He had a lot of interesting advice (consuming glycogen post-workout for better recovery, incorporating more whole grains into my diet).  I was supposed to get measurements as far as body fat, weight and whatnot but he established that wasn't needed based on my current fitness (remembering this proud moment for later in life). I signed up for a few sessions with him to get some more variety into my lifting, and honestly, to ensure that I'm using proper form when lifting as well.


Tempo: 7 mi / 8:54 pace

So, I have become the whitest of white girls since moving to St. Louis. I've got that elite Starbucks status now. But really Cold Brew is worth it. (This one is the Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream for some girl named Synthia)

I've also been using Nuun for my electrolyte drinks and I'm obsessed.

We went to a Minor League game in Illinois and it was a great night! Very Midwest.

I think these were my first July 4th fireworks in over two years!



We had a float, and were sponsoring a balloon in the July 4th Parade.

I took on the challenge as Balloon Holder.

My Hot Air Ballooning class in college prepared me for this moment.

My friend made fruit pizza. Sugar cookie dough. So. Good.


Long Run : 15 mi / 8:52 pace

This week's long run was SO much better than last week. I thought I had found a 2 hour window where it wouldn't be raining..but nope. Thunderstorms still popped up. It rained for about 3/4 of the run.

However, I ran past Grant's Farm which is the home of the Budweiser Clydesdales. They enjoyed the rain.

Indulged in my second Hellofresh meal of the week afterwards.  Not the biggest fan of this one..probably because I burned the quesadillas. Shocker..

It was really great to finish off this week of training on such a strong note! The mileage keeps getting higher for every week..but my endurance is getting back to where it needs to be!