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Monday, July 18, 2016

towpath marathon training, week 4

Tons of food pictures and my first 20 miler of this training plan ahead..


Cross: Row


5.7 mi / 9:22 pace

Worst speedwork yet. Will utilize treadmill for all future speedwork workouts.

Personal Trainer

It was a giveaway day at work. This was pretty interesting - protein bars with crickets...this flavor wasn't actually that bad.


Cross: Cycle

Picked this up for post-long run. It was pretty tasty..however I was starving and in desperate need of any calories.


4 mi / 8:45-8:50 pace

Took this one to the treadmill and it wasn't too bad. Cut it short to keep my weekly mileage increasing by only 10%. TVs on treadmills are very helpful.

Personal Trainer

Crushed Red for Restaurant Week. Everything was amazing. Wild Spring Salmon Salad, Sriracha Chicken Pizza and some Urban Zest sauce with pizza crust/bread as an appetizer. Best meal of the week by far.



These were given away earlier in the week at work. They. Are. So. Good. It tasted like jerky- but much more meat/juicier, and hardly any ingredients. Not sure where they are sold at but I need to find more!

It was getting late during our drive to Kansas City and I needed carbs. So, thank you Olive Garden.

Our AirBNB was kinda cool.


Long Run
20 mi / 9:14 pace

Before I realized I lost my car key.

We were in Kansas City for a concert but I knew I was going to get my long run in, no matter what..

Well to make this a short story. Great run - felt pretty good through most of the run.

However, got back with no car key. Thought I locked my car key in my car so went to the trouble to get a locksmith. Two hours later..  I realize I lost my key during the run. So now my car is in Kansas City until next week when I can get back there with my extra key. The dealership didn't have enough time at that point in the day to make an extra key.  

Post long run lunch.. 3 hours later. So much for eating a recovery meal within that 2 hour window.

Fitz and the Tantrums.

Meal number 2 of the day. Cinnamon rolls at 1a. I got an omelette that was supposed to have avocado.. 



Needless to say, I did not eat enough on Saturday to properly recover from my run despite my attempt to eat higher calorie items. So Pizza Ranch happened. These were my starter plates.

So I've never been so happy to be back at my apartment. There were quite a few other things that happened in KC that made me think I was bringing bad luck with me everywhere I went. 

Here's hoping this next week and weekend is a bit better!