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Monday, February 22, 2016

marathon training week 12

What a week prior to a race looks like..


30 minutes Cycling - I finally figured out how to adjust the bike! Miracles do happen!
Hot Yoga 60 - This probably was over doing it but I wanted to try out a different instructor..I appear to have forgotten that I need to take it easy the day prior to intervals.


6 mi/8:34 pace

Not my best round of intervals: 10 min warm up, 1k, 2k, 1k, 1k (400m recovery intervals), 10 min cool down.

I forgot I ordered a free box from Graze -not too shabby! There are many options as far as snacks go. If you want a free box just go here!


Hot Yoga Carve

I felt overwhelmed so I decided to write out the rest of my training plan and how it aligns with work since I'll be working some weird shifts in the next few weeks.


9 mi / 8:43 pace

This went really well considering it was 30 mph winds the entire time (goal is 8:20). Got to run on the forest road/trail a little bit which was awesome! 

I forgot to cancel Blue Apron. Womp womp.



The pre-race layout.

Very excited about this rest day, haven't been sleeping well at all this past week so it was much needed.


Race! See recap in previous post.

In case you didn't believe the dirt in my contacts story. This was post-race obviously.

All the flowers! This was in the..Wynn?


Lifting + Hot Yoga 60

My yoga instructor really helped me out to make sure I was getting in good stretches. I can't seem to relax in pigeon pose.  Feels like my back is a rubber band and just won't relax!

Here are some other pictures from the race:

Attempting the casual peace sign in the middle of a race thing.

The mad rush downhill at the start.

Overall - great week! I really need to focus on getting quality sleep though. I have been attempting the social media shut down one hour prior to bed to focus on prepping food for the next day, showering, writing in my training journal and reading.  It helps when I actually am able to do these things! Baby steps.