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Monday, February 8, 2016

marathon training week 10

Fun week with two of my runs down at regular sea level (well, 1000 feet, but close enough).


Cross training- Elliptical for 45 minutes, Treadmill for 15 minutes. No pretty pictures :P


5.63 mi / 8:47 pace
and Lifted. Both in AM.

I won big when I won my age group last weekend.

Intervals went really well.  This week it was 2 X (4 X 400M) with 1:30 recovery intervals between the 400M and 2:30 recovery interval between the sets. It's also awesome to wake up early enough to get both the day's run and lifting over with before going to work!x


Cross training - Treadmill for 45 mins, Hot Yoga Carve for 60 mins.

Whole Food's salad bar is $1.50/lb cheaper on Wednesdays. I like taking advantage of this.

They also had samples of fruit out. Meet Ugli Fruit.


8 mi / 8:04 pace

I had an Employment Law Conference in Phoenix Friday so I decided to go down the night prior in order to avoid waking up early and then driving down Friday AM. So...I really took advantage of this.

It was nice to be able to breathe during the run. Also, I spotted a coyote at the end.

In the land of soccer fields.

Sweet Tomatoes is the best place to refuel at. My body temperature dropped incredibly quickly so I went the decaf route. Hey, decaf is good for something!


Long Run
12 mi / 8:29 pace

I decided to get my long run in in Phoenix as well despite having run the night prior. So, after the conference, I headed over to Scottsdale and put in 12.

But first, selfie with another peace sign.

It was a pretty run - thought it wouldn't be so close to the roads though.

This was my first longer run in the evening and I could definitely tell that I would need to make adjustments if I did this again. Basically - I need to hydrate more beforehand. And not run so hard the night prior.


Rest Day

Naturebox randomly selected me to get an extra snack in my box from here on out. I don't mind.


Lifting + Hot Yoga

So I had to fast from a few hours after my long run into Saturday morning to get bloodwork done (just to check my levels, out of my curiosity). Basically the longest 12 hours of my life. And that includes the sleeping part. I indulged in many pancakes Saturday morning since I was starving and hadn't felt great since then. This morning I decided to keep it simple pre and post lifting with greek yogurt (really liking this Oikos Triple Zero), sliced almonds, and Kombucha.  Once Hot Yoga was done, I felt awesome!

This week, I am going to try to get as many workouts done before work, and then also finally book all of our lodging for Europe! Also - 16 miler this weekend which I'll be running at our 7000 ft altitude - wish me luck!