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Monday, February 1, 2016

el nino el schmino 5k

Well, I definitely didn't PR but I won my age group?? 

I have absolutely no pictures from this race, and I am terrified to see any pictures a photographer took. 


Take a look at the elevation gain and loss for each mile.

You couldn't have asked for a hillier 5k course. Though it's Flagstaff, and we probably do have several that are worse. Also, it was still extremely windy and chilly. However - no snow or rain!

I love the races here in Flagstaff because you tend to see the usual runners at each event, and it's fun to catch up.  Plus, everything is pretty chill as far as organization goes. The race itself was around a golf course neighborhood. There were some amazing views of the mountains shrouded in the clouds.

Afterwards, they served us lunch inside the golf course's restaurant which was really fantastic.  Nothing says healthy lunch like a salad, red velvet cookie and wheat beer from a local brewery.  (There were brats and hot dogs for all of you meat-eaters, and having no appetite from yesterday still - my lunch size was just fine).

Let us not forget the awesome theme of this race!