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Sunday, January 24, 2016

marathon training week 8

How does one celebrate a PR? One cheat day of eating and easy recovery on the treadmill - then back at it.

Look, it looks like I know what I'm doing!

Also, obsessively checking for new race photos is an integral part of celebration. 


65 minutes walking on the treadmill at an easy pace. 

My entertainment on the treadmill this week.

The soreness from the race definitely hit on Monday. Hot spots were the calves (wore compression socks at work, and on treadmill), and the hips. I took a Lavender Epsom Salt bath Sunday and Monday night, and stretched/foam rolled frequently.


Intervals + Lifting
4.6 mi / 8:42 pace

Don't mess with Christmas socks in mid-January.

Luckily, my intervals this week were easier than those of late. 10 minute warm up, 5x 2 min fast (hit my paces finally, at 7:03 pace, last one sub 7 pace), 2 min easy, and then 10 min cool down. Lifted after. I'm starting to think my music choices are the key to successful intervals...


Elliptical + Treadmill 

Safe to say, I think my 4 plates of salad from Wildflower catering was sufficient for working out later on in the day. My upper body was definitely feeling it from lifting heavy on Tuesday.


Tempo (AM) + Lifting (PM)
8 mi / 8:56 pace

Did not hit the paces I needed.  This was a 1 mi easy, and then 7 mi tempo. Probably should have done this outside. Also, I was running at 4:30a, which I thought would help, but sadly, it did not.

My immediate post-run oatmeal. (Half cup quick oats + half cup of almond milk soaked over night, add a scoop of vanilla whey protein and one banana in the morning)

My second breakfast. Give me all the carbs.

Lifted after work, heavy on the legs for 55 minutes. I can't seem to learn that I probably should never lift heavy on the legs when training for a marathon...


Rest Day

Ate well until dinner time - happy hour is evil. Ate all the carbs I saw. Only one beer though.

Also had a doctor appointment - I am up in weight since August (however, I feel just as strong, if not better), but still down 9 pounds from this time last year (no working out + pasta was my life). And my resting heart rate is at 60! I like when the doctor calls me an "athlete". Makes me feel legit. Sort of.


Long Run
12 mi / 9:16 pace

I think this was the first time that I was perfectly comfortable in my outfit selection/weather. 

Anyway, this was hard, probably because I ran a half marathon last weekend at sea level, and the 150 squats I did on Thursday weren't letting me forget about them.

There was a nice 228 feet of elevation change over this route which I did not realize until..well, I'm running down hills upon hills and realize I have to run back up them. Whoops..


Lift + Cross Train

I have no pictures from today so throwback to last weekend's sunset in Chandler.

Lifted for an hour this morning at 7a and cycled for a bit after. Overall, not too bad of a week considering I was racing a week ago. This coming week, I have my first run over 13.1...!!