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Sunday, January 10, 2016

marathon training week 6

The week of the treadmill - more exciting than it sounds...


I have learned that I need to keep it easy on days before interval, so cross-training is just walking briskly with an increasing incline on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes.

The boss's pup. She has grown up so quickly!


6mi/9:10 pace 

Intervals at 5a! Happy birthday to me! (I honestly did this so I could watch Making a Murderer all evening. Priorities.)

Another year - but now I enter a new age group... #old

Didn't hit target paces (per usual sadly) but I thought it being my birthday was a good excuse.

I ate at least half of this fruit tray. No shame.

I also got a pretty bad headache once I got to work... 


Cross train on elliptical.

The little snow storm before the big one.

The headache returned right after I worked out. Since I am my own doctor (not highly recommended by any patients), I diagnosed myself with over hydrating (I believe it was Monday where I drank 125 oz+ of water), so I lowered my water intake down to 60 oz on Thursday and Friday.


7 mi/8:59 pace

I finally got my new running shoes! Let me give a shout out to USPS who delivers no matter the weather, Fedex couldn't manage to deliver my shoes on Wednesday thanks to the snow. Literally - the package got into Flag a little late on Wednesday, they put in on truck for delivery, and then just didn't deliver it.

The snow storm hit.

We got over two feet of snow this week - Midwest, you're next!

I had my tempo run and actually hit my paces (for 3 mi between 4 easy miles) - say, what!?! I almost puked after. So that kind of ruined it. Not quite sure why I felt this way, but once again, I am my own doctor. The blame is being assigned to my weird lunch of a baked sweet potato, avocado (whole), ketchup with turmeric. That's probably not a normal meal.


A hair cut! It has been too long...length-wise and time-wise...

Friday was a rest day so naturally I still walk on the treadmill for "active" recovery. I'm not sure how legit active recovery is but I'm going with it.

I also went to Run Flagstaff (the local running store), where I bombarded the employees (who are folks running in the Olympic Trials next month) with questions about the best nutrition for long runs. This is a weekly occurrence and I am not ashamed.


Long run
10 mi/9:26 pace

I don't know why I was so excited about this long run. Probably because it hit me that I have a race next weekend and I wanted to make this run good. 

This didn't feel like 10 miles at all. I watched Meet the Fockers on my iPad and that made time fly by.  Lifted afterwards. Oh hey, look at those snazzy new shoes. 

Then I went on a little drive since it was a very pretty day and I have a very nice camera.

Spring can come now.


I cycled this morning watching Good Morning America because why not? I'll probably walk on the treadmill later to get up to 12k steps. The Fitbit is still so addicting for me after almost a year and a half of having it.

Next Sunday will be madness.

In a week, at this time, I'll be nearing the finish of the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix! Before then, two of my close friends are visiting this week, and then they will be down there with me! Which means there is a very slim chance of locking my keys in my car this time. Score.