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Sunday, January 3, 2016

marathon training week 5


30 mins on elliptical at medium/hard effort, 30 mins on treadmill (always above 4mph and above 3.0 incline).

Love my new cross-training shoes! Also..why did I think working out in a tiny gym with a long-sleeve shirt was a good idea?


5.48 mi/8:50 pace.
Still haven't had intervals that I am completely proud of yet. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as getting used to them though. Lifted a little bit after.

By the way, the sisters did an awesome job with running Christmas gifts! Can't wait to hang the board up and already used the belt during my long run this week! The Christmas Brooks socks are not seen here - but super cute and comfy!


30 mins on elliptical at medium/hard effort, 20 mins on treadmill.

Always an epic sunset here in AZ.


5 mi tempo/8:32 pace. 
Not the pace I'd like to hit (do I adjust paces at all for altitude? only 8 secs over goal).  Paused a few times - felt like I didn't have enough energy, and also was running in the AM during the week, so not used to that. Not sure if these are excuses or are legit reasons. 

Weights + gel manis FTW.

Lifted after...not sure why I thought 100 bodyweight squats in addition to regular weighted squats was a good idea. Was still feeling those on Saturday during the long run.


Rest! Fiesta Bowl.

Go Buckeyes!

I enjoyed a soft pretzel and a berry kabob drizzled with chocolate. Bought my friend pop so I could have the souvenir cup. Can't stomach pop anymore like my college days.. P.S. Buckeyes won!

Hit up the best buffet ever afterwards.

The salad bar had AWESOME mixed salads this time. I made sure to load up on carbs for my long run too. Also, I love mousse.


12 mi long/9:20 pace.

So many brands... rocking my new Underarmour and of course, the OSU running jacket.

Ran this in the early afternoon, need to figure out the proper nutrition in the AM - Stomach was a little rough in spots. Tons of ice and snow, so more stopping and walking than what I would like.  

This guy definitely had better form than me near the end of my run.

Really need to use self-control to not take pictures but it was so pretty!

Also, my right shoe has a little hole where the big toe is...

This was my first long run at Flagstaff altitude in 2 months and man, I was feeling it after. Lots of stretching, icing and foam rolling occurred the rest of the day. Also watched Forrest Gump to regain inspiration.


Lifting - focused on core, 30 mins medium/hard effort on bike.

Getting it done bright and early at 7. (if it was summer, I'd be done by 7...)

Post-workout meal - the more colorful, the better! (pre-workout is peanut butter and banana)

Focus for the next week is babying my right foot aches and trying out new road running shoes. The half marathon is the weekend after next, and whatever shoes I get, there should be at least some miles on them before I go for 13.1!