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Friday, January 15, 2016

marathon training week 7.7

Not a complete training week recap since I have a race on Sunday.. but might as well update now since that race will have its own post!


6.5 mi/9:05 pace

Getting used to intervals at 5a - get them out of the way early, and a..fun way to wake up to say the least.

Omelette salads..are those a thing?


Elliptical @ hard effort.

Taking pictures in my car like a tourist.

Flagstaff hit the mid to upper 40s a few times this week!


6 mi/8:42 pace 

I tried to outrun the train and then everything went downhill from there. Gah!

The plan here was 1 mile easy, 4 miles tempo, 1 mile easy. Unfortunately my excessive snacking during lunch came back to haunt me about 3 miles in.  So many unpleasant feelings.  Never again, I'm looking at you Cashew Power Clusters.



I have friends visiting this weekend so I had to get the workout in early.

Dinner that night was at Criollo and I had some great veggie tacos!

Now it's time to rest, eat well while showing my friends Northern Arizona! More pictures to come from this visit..and oh yeah, race time on Sunday morning! I am shooting for a PR (under 1:49), and a 1:45 as my stretch goal.  Here goes nothing!