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Monday, June 19, 2017

berlin marathon training, week 2: humidity, we meet again

Training in the summer has its drawbacks...


Upper Body Strength

Apparently I did not take any pictures this day. 


5 mi Speedwork / 8:33 pace
Lower Body Strength

Thankfully my company gym at my new workplace is free! So I like to workout after work in order to avoid traffic and it keeps me eating smart throughout the day (otherwise...stomach issues during a run). Felt pretty good during this one!


7 mi / 9:03 pace
Upper Body Strength

Looks nice, right? Wrong.

I worked from home this day due to many interviews (all on the phone) so I was able to get outside for my planned tempo run before work. It was supposed to be 1 mi warm up, 5 mi at tempo, and 1 mi cool down but uh, the humidity, lower body strength and other body things thought otherwise. Got the miles in though.

For Milan, I gave up fish in addition to meat. Needless to say, I am not doing that again. Sweet potatoes, salmon and tuna (not pictured) have been top of mind for me. 


Spinning / Yoga class

Roasted Vegetable Bowl from Cultivate in Chagrin Falls.

Work really has some good local health and wellness hook ups. Every Thursday we can go to a local spinning studio for a free class after work. I went to it this week, and it turns out the hour is split - first half hour is spinning (not as easy as it appears..) and then the last half hour is whatever the instructor wants - this time it was yoga!

Someone's Jeni's. Not mine obviously.

And there's a step challenge at work, so I walked around Chagrin Falls and the surrounding neighborhoods for a bit - it was a nice summer evening!


Lower Body Strength
Hot Yoga

I decided to walk to work (not work in the suburbs but another one of our locations near downtown) on Friday. This was...hot. I wore long jeans and it was a regret once I hit the bridge. 2 miles later I arrived in full on sweat. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Also hit up Hot Yoga after work - my goal is to go to Yoga at least once per week this training cycle! I say this every time but I'm feeling good about following through with this. 



Ollie takes Rest Days very seriously.

Walked to West Side Market for some produce per usual.

Had a healthy lunch. Then.. a second lunch at a birthday party. Looking back, I didn't eat much during the week..and I legitimately was just hungry all throughout the day...(drank water every time I was hungry and nope..even hungrier)

Ohio City Pasta - Lemon Basil noodles just with Garlic olive oil. So. Good. I love my pasta dinners the night before a long run!


15 mi run / 9:13 avg
(5 mi pre-race 9:03 pace, 10 mi race 9:18 pace)

The sun rise...

Was gorgeous!

So I signed up for a 10 mile race this day... and I had 15 scheduled for my long run. I was very torn about getting 5 in before vs. after but decided to just do it before so it would force me to take the race easy. Needless to say, that technique worked.

My goal pace was 9:08 for 15 so I'm content with averaging at 9:13 considering the heat.

I pretty much felt death hit around mile 3 of the 10 mile race. I regret not having a gel before the race to refuel from my first run. Stopped at every aid station for both water and gatorade, and walked quite a bit. But survived! (though I must say I've never felt so terrible those few minutes after crossing the finish line..) 

Refueled Ohio-style with fish and pierogis. Not pictured: more pierogis at dinner. 

Overall, not a bad week. Going have to learn how to make humidity work for me here..