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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

san francisco

My last day in California was my first time in San Francisco.

After my long run, I headed over to Buena Vista Cafe for their famous Irish Coffee.

From there I headed to Lombard Street, which was packed full of tourists and cars heading down the winding road.

Full House! This was slightly disappointing. I was imagining it would be like the one scene from the opening with the green space in front of the houses, but it was not like that. From there I picked up my first ever Lyft ride and headed to Chinatown for lunch.

These guys were in sync.

I got some vegetable and tofu curry for lunch (wasn't really impressed despite the place's high reviews), and then started off exploring again, you know, pretending I didn't cover 20 miles the day prior, ran 12 miles that morning, and now was walking around somewhat aimlessly around a super hilly city.

I headed over to the Buena Vista Gardens to check out Union Square and well, to shop. Saw a live art demonstration that was pretty cool. Just kind of wish I had any sort of idea what the theme of it was... but alas, that is art.

I then went over to Jack Kerouac's Alley near the North Beach area and checked out a famous bookstore as I tend to like to visit bookstores when exploring new cities.

I really liked the intersection here; skyscraper to the left, Chinatown to the right.

I was really thrilled about the constant calf workout once again, after 20 miles of hiking the day prior and 12 miles of running that morning... But seriously, I loved the architecture and rolling hills of San Francisco. It's an obvious observation but it really makes the city stand out over others to me.

I headed up to Coit Tower to see an overlook of the Bay Area.

And then after dinner in the Marina District, I went over to Golden Gate for a little bit.

Golden Gate is just one of those sights where pictures will not do it justice.

It was a gorgeous day in the city, albeit, a little cold (I knew this would happen but of course didn't prepare..), and so I caught a Lyft back to my insanely priced parking garaged that I will try to forget that I paid for otherwise I'll just have another mental breakdown, etc etc, and easily headed back out to San Jose.